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  1. I had a husky te310 and it was a slug in tug low end I would have to clutch up the front and use body language to clear stuff. I fell over alot.
  2. 300 sounds like a great bike, out the door price is a bit more than I want to spend. Maybe someday.
  3. I'm wondering crack the throttle power. Can I crack the throttle and get the front end over a log or will I need some clutch work to do that. I know this is also based on mapping and power valve positioning.
  4. How's the low end compared to the 350? I'm in nys to, thus leaning towards the 300
  5. My steet use would be under 5 mile trips. I've heard great things about putting an exhaust on the 350.
  6. Street use would be limited to just riding to the trail. 55mph max all back roads and such. No highway.
  7. I'm stuck between buying a 300RR or a 350 RR. The bike will see maybe 10-15% street use. Other than that I'll be on trails and single track. I haven't ridden a 2 stroke in years. I have been on 250f and 450 MX or SM bikes. Has anyone ridden one back to back ? does one feel lighter than the other? Seems if I wanted more power the 4 stroke is the way to go as far as bolt on mods?
  8. I picked my bike up In PA. I'd call the dmv and ask them.
  9. All depends on your state. I drove out of state to buy a street legal 05 crf 450 and brought it back home registered it and was good to go.
  10. Thanks everyone, I'll dig up a manual and shoot him a message. I don't want to drive and over and hour one way for nothing.
  11. I'd really like to go look at this bike. It's exactly what I want, but I also feel like it's priced a little high. I'm not sure what to offer before I make the drive to the guy. Any help? http://buffalo.craigslist.org/mcy/5942889119.html
  12. After research im stuck between the 300rr and the 390rr
  13. We are days away form 2017, or might as well 3 years old in my eyes.
  14. The 300rr do have kicker backup. I was referring to the husky not having a kicker backup
  15. Looked at ktm and beta today. The ktm dealer had a 14 350excf with 200 miles and they wanted 8k. Also didn't want to tell me anything about a new one so I left. Walked into the beta dealer and they have a 2017 300 RR for 8500. I'll look at the huskys later this week. I'm 95% sure I'll end up on a beta. Unless a amazing deal comes along. No kicker back up makes me nervous. Seeing my ktm lost me a race once when I took the kicker off and relied on the E start.