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  1. TommyZ

    Dave J - Smart Performance

    Is a blow-off type air spring a crazy idea?
  2. TommyZ

    07 RM 250 found #85 power jet inside?!

    That makes sense! I'm gonna check it where you said. I had to open the carb last weekend to change the pilot but I still missed the powerjet. I'll take a closer look just to check if it's still stock. Thanks!
  3. I would repack the silencer as well because even if you eliminate the source of spooge the silencer is still full of it and you'll be chasing your tail.
  4. So the other day I opened the carb and found out there is such a big powerjet installed. I believe stock is about 50 right? Is this jet changeable? I mean it's not like the main and pilot, there is no place for a screwdriver on its head.
  5. Well the suspension was worse before, it was way harder. So I couldnt set it right. I think the shock had thicker oil in it. I heard that these suzukis are known for having weak rebound damping.
  6. I've tried that last weekend, made it a little better but I still feel like a bunny. On former bikes when I closed the rebound clicker, the rear end literally stayed down when I pushed on it. Now its not the case.
  7. Anybody? I know the video is not the best quality but...
  8. To me it seems like I need more rebound damping on the rear but the clicker is already closed fully. I can't add more. I've serviced the forks myself and sent the shock out to a shop. I was told that they used "shock oil" and that is thinner than the regular 5wt oil. So now compression is fine being softer but I feel like I should send the shock out again to add a few shims on the rebound side. What do you think?
  9. TommyZ

    Fork springs

    Youre looking for progressive rate springs. I have no experience with them but I think people will tell yo to stay with straight rate springs and go softer on valving for roots and stuff.
  10. TommyZ

    Stiff forks after rebuild.

    Bump. Same bike, I've noticed some of your symptomps as well. Curious.
  11. To be honest I havent removed the swingarm yet, but without the shock installed it moves freely by hand.
  12. Well, the shock is already back in the bike and I rode it for several hours. I don't feel like the rebound rod is stuck. I feel the difference when I adjust the clickers. One thing I noticed that the rebound adjuster affects compression too much. I can't set it where I wabt because it stiffens up the compression damping too much. When I sit on the bike and bounce the rear I feel a sudden stop at about 1/3 travel. Not a full stop but its definitely a sudden change in force that shouldn't be there.
  13. Well I don't know anything about the rear being serviced so it might be time for it.... BUT could anything inside the shock cause wrong sag numbers?
  14. The spring manufacturer doubts the spring is out of tolerance. What else could cause this? Internal damage in the shock?