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  1. I'm not shur if I'm too late but here it is any way. There are two different size pistons, size a and size b. You need to measure both piston and cylinder to see the clearance and then call your local shop to ask what size they recommend.
  2. do you think i should get a new piston and ring also while i have it apart
  3. found it out... its the rod journal bearing. its fried... soo i have to rip apart the lower unit to fix it
  4. the piston moves, but its very hard to kick it and sometimes the kick start doesn't engage. should i take the top end off and inspect it like that and do you think i need to replace anything or does the piston just need oil to get moving again. like squirt oil in the spark plug hole and let it sit overnight
  5. hey everyone. OK so here is the problem... i was riding my yz 85 and it was doing fine. stopped for a little bit shut of the gas, started riding again never turned on the gas ,it bogged out and died so i checked it all over spark plug, cylinder, etc. then i figured out the gas was off so i tried kicking it and it wouldn't start and it got harder and harder to kick and now it is really hard to kick and it doesn't even fire... and i have a ride planed for tomorrow so im working frantically to get it fixed any suggestions...
  6. It takes a while for it to get warm and after u stop for like 2 minutes it takes a while for it to warm up again
  7. any help
  8. its good now but i have to keep stopping to adjust the ilde screw so it performs better... its weird
  9. that did the trick!! but now im having a throttle lag. if i pull it back full throttle it takes some time to get to full
  10. when i turn the petcock on to the on direction it only squirts out a little gas out the tube. and i tryed taking the bowl of and turnin the gas on and moving the float up but gas still doesnt come out. there is no water in the gas its pretty fresh. its been in the tank about a week. I got this bike from my buddy and it wasnt running before. and i dont get it how could the engine getting hot stop it from working.
  11. i did all that and i had to let sit for a while and started up and rode around for a little bit then seemed like gas in the float bowl ran out and it died... let it sit for a while kicked it fired up rode it for a little died.. over and over it seems like it runs outa gas
  12. thanks i gotta try that. and i figured out the o-ring thing by looking at the schematics
  13. I got a 2003 Honda xr-70. And for that screw setting is that for both? When I twist the float bowl drain it drains pretty good. I just got a carborater rebuild kit and installed all the new pieces except for two small little o-rings I can't figure out where they go. And all the pieces are in there except the small o rings
  14. gas is flowing, just installed new carb kit. the only way to start it is to squirt gas into the gas screw and it runs for a bit and dies cant figure it out can anyone help thanks.