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    Starting and running problems

    hi guys, my first post and im having problems with the jetting on my bike(kmx125) and is now making it difficult to start. i know my carb(mikuni vm26ss) is clean and jets are not blocked as ive had it off five times to clean no and im getting the same results. when i come to the bike in the morning it will only start with the throttle fully open and kick 5-6 times. but what i found out 20mins ago is that my fuel tap isnt shutting fuel off when in the off position. so im guessing, overnight my bikes fludding thus me having to start it with WOT- ok easy fix ill buy another tap the next thing is my low end/idle isnt the best. my air screw is fully in/seated which seems to be giving best result and with that i know i need a different pilot but do i need bigger or smaller?, from reading 2stroke jetting guides some say ild need bigger some say smaller so im Confused . also if i crack the air screw to over 1/4 from seated, my idle hangs at 3k and takes a long time to drop and the thurther i open the air screw the worse it gets so is that idicating a lean condition? my jets and carb are standard so i dont know if i need a bigger or smaller pilot? yisterday i raised the clip (top slot out of three) thus dropping the needle which has made things worse, middle clip allows me to have 1/2 turn on the air screw so ill try the bottom notch today. 1/2 to WOT is fine with nice smooth power range and no juddery sputtering which i get from closed to just below half throttle also since putting the clip on the top setting, my powerband hasnt been as punchy. spark plug is a lightish tan colour not as dark as perfect tho and it always seems to have oil around the treads? sorry for the story but ive always been poor when it comes to jetting and need a little guidance thanks