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  1. 1983XR200R

    XR200R timing question

    Thanks guys, I'm going to clean the air filter and change the oil, then adjust the valves and see if that makes any difference. Then I'll dive into the carb. Thanks again, Keenan Also, do you guys know of any quick cheap mods I could do to this thing? The spark arrestor is welded in, so there's nothing I can do about that right now. But, maybe lose the airbox snorkle? Anything else you can think of, it's not a huge deal though, because I'm pretty well satisfied with the power on this thing (going up 35 degree hill at 35 km/h in a power wheelie)
  2. 1983XR200R

    XR200R timing question

    I have a, '83 200R that ticks pretty loud. From what I've seen that could be because of a loose timing chain, but, the engine seems to miss or hesitate a bit when you just come on to the throttle in lower rpms, and it pops a little bit coming off of the throttle. I've heard that ticking can also be related to valve timing. Would a simple valve adjustment do the trick? Would a loose timing chain slapping a little bit cause the valves to come out of adjustment? Is this even a valve problem? Any and all help is appreciated. Also, this bike was recently sitting in my basement for 4 and a half months, if that would affect anything.