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  1. YZ426_F

    Upgrading to a 2011 YZ450F

    I work for a Yamaha dealership, as for the common no grease issue... When we recieve a bike it's in a crate and the wheels, handlebars, ect are not yet installed. Most dealership have a lot boy who knows how to turn a wrench and understands Tq. specs putting these bikes together. Not all lot boys are created equal, We always use grease on the linkage and wheels when prepping bikes. But yamaha, kawa, honda... all have detailed instructions on preping a bike and I don't believe they mention grease (confident there greased proper at the factory I suppose). Anyways... the new FI bikes are amazing, I'm sure you'll be happy with it. and congrats!
  2. YZ426_F

    Cam chain got me good

    Just because im cheap, I would buy the valve seals and just take everything apart and clean it good. put it all back together and check the valves again. If the valves don't look bent or damaged they shouldnt need to be replaced.
  3. That 2011 yz has to be buttery smooth. How could you wanna get rid of a smooth, powerful, NEW bike.
  4. YZ426_F

    1st dirt bike help please!

    Your simply stalling. You need to release the clutch slower and just give enough gas to hear the motor rev a bit higher then idle. You should feel the clutch grab as the bike starts to roll forward... at that point don't just get excited and fully release the clutch. Be smooth and start to give a bit more gas and slowly fully release the clutch. Reving higher and releasing the clutch fast is only going to launch the bike... and if your launching to need to have your weight toward the front of the bike and be ready for the power.
  5. YZ426_F

    Ooops I did a booboo

    Where did you buy it? brand new or used? Brand new from the dealership those bad boys are $500-1000... I looked up the price of my yz426f carb direct from yamaha and dealer cost was like $700, retail was closer to $1000. Just insane.
  6. YZ426_F

    Atermarket parts FMF/head/cams

    full exhaust, rejet, accel pump mod/quickshot. thats about the best you can do without spending a ton. You will feel more power from a full exhaust and rejet, you will feel bog/lag if you punch the throttle without a quickshot/ or accel pump mod.
  7. YZ426_F

    2011 YZ 450 vs KXF 450

    If your planning on making whichever into a trails bike... it doesnt matter as much. Either way your taking a bike built for track and modding it for trail. Either bike will need the same mods to be a comfortable trails bike. The yz450f is 4 pounds lighter. We have a 2011 yz and kx sitting side by side at my dealership and both are sexy bikes (the CRF450 looks just as mean sitting right next to them).
  8. YZ426_F

    Atermarket parts FMF/head/cams

    Like crf450319 said, Stage one hotcams don't really change power much. What makes them great is the auto decompression. I would for sure get the full exhaust. I'm running a full yoshimura exhaust with a twin air filter, dynojet jet kit. and the power is plenty. Something that really needs attention and I need to do my self is pick up a boyesen quickshot for the carb.. its a must.. the bog before power is terrible on these bikes.
  9. YZ426_F

    How do you guys ride in boots?

    I'm using the tech 3's, a very stiff boot even after break in. They saved my ankle last weekend. A rider cut me off and I had to lay the bike down and it fell on my right foot. The bike stopped and I kept sliding and it felt like my leg tride to rip off. The boot kept my ankle from turning to mush. Nothing like having the bike pinned and just getting into 3rd gear then seeing a guy swing right in front of you from out of nowhere. If he wasn't just a kid I think I would have taken my chances running into him.
  10. YZ426_F

    Price check? 00' yz426f

    I'm just going to keep the bike. I can't sell it for what I have in it. i'll just save up for the new bike and keep my yz426. maybe after I get the new bike ill sell this thing to help cover the cost of mods for the new bike. I haven't had a chance to ride a newer yz450f but im either going to stay blue or I may look at a honda. I just figure with fuel being so terrible and fuel injection being so awesome it's time for a FI bike. I'd just love to feel how smooth these FI bikes are before I spend extra $$ for one. I'm seeing tons of carb'd yz450's and crf450's going for very cheap these days.
  11. YZ426_F

    Splitting cases on a YZ 426

    you need a Yamaha service manual. not a climer or any other cheap manual. the Yamaha manual gives details on removing the motor, gives specs on everything. you can pull everything apart in a way that you can remember how to put it back together (notes, pics, whatever helps) once you got everything apart you can makes a parts shopping list and order everything at once. This is the only way to do it. if you only buy bearing a and b... you could find yourself half way done with the rebuild and need more parts.
  12. YZ426_F

    Will a Yz450 radiator fit on my 426?

    My guess would be no. I can't say for sure but looking at fluidyne's radiators they list different part numbers for the yz426 and the yz450. You should be able to order the Fluidyne unit from a local parts dealer with rush shipping. I work for a Yamaha dealership and my employee cost on a stock rad is still insane. You can buy a pair of Fluidynes for the cost of one Yamaha rad. Expect to have to modify a yz450 rad to work on your bike and your still left with a used product they may not work.
  13. I'm selling my 00' yz426f... time to upgrade. I have taken care of this bike and dont wanna ask so much that it doesnt sell and I don't wanna give it away either. I was thinking about $1200. I just replaced the tires front and rear, and fully serviced the bike. coolant flush, oil, plug, ect. the only 2 bad things I can say about it is the blue plastics look dull and plain (zero graphics) and the chain and sprocket are ready to be replaced asap. I have the full yoshimura system, Azonic twin wall bars and triple tree, bike runs like a champ... so do you guys think asking $1200 is fair? I know the game.. EVERYONE will try to talk me to $1000 before seeing the bike and I think it's worth more. Just want a little advice because I'm terrible at selling and always seem to get beat.
  14. YZ426_F

    Questions about Yz 426

    I have had my yz426 for a long time and I can tell you it's prob not what your looking for. I'm 25, 5'10 and 185 lbs and the bike is a handful for a guy my size. Yes it has good power but it's far from ideal for a 80% trails bike. I would think coming off of a yz85 it would make more since moving to a yz250f or something that size. the power will be more usable on tight trails and the weight will be easier for a guy your size to handle. If you dropped the 250lbs yz426f could you pick it up? what if it falls on you? the yz426f can be a pain to start if you stall in the woods and are already tired... good luck. anyways... I love my bike don't get me wrong. But I feel it's more built for Track and wide open riding. and its size and weight are best fit to larger riders.
  15. No local dealerships/shops in NJ that can service it for you? Be sure to clean the tank, rebuild the fuel petcock and clean replace all the fuel lines. I hear far to often someone service there carb, fill the bike up with fresh gas that pushes dirt from the lines back into the carb and clogs it again. As bad as ethanol fuel is these days, learning how to service your own carb is a must.