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  1. Awesome, thanks! Mishimoto discounted YZ250F hoses to 20 bucks pluss shipping so this will be my next mod. Wanted to change hoses when I add MSR rad guards. Thanks again for the info. Link to hoses.
  2. Did you just cut Y pipe out of the stock water pump outlet? Or did you replace it completely with 250f style? if you cut it did you flare end with something?
  3. I just added one to my 12 WR450. If you unplug square female plug with two bullet connectors (goes to kill switch) the male end will plug directly into your on off connecter, BUT you will lose your low fuel light. I ended up leaving on off button mounted but disconnected and unpinned two extra wires of baja key switch and pinned the two from on off switch low fuel light. Everything works now.
  4. Missouri

    I ride alot with Tom down there but my work schedule is changing, I'll try to give you a pm before I go next time or shoot me one and let me know of a time your going and I'll see if I can make it.
  5. Missouri

    Anyone going this weekend? Friday or Saturday mainly?
  6. Honda

    Is the neutral light on? I had a 300 ex the wire had bad connection to neutral switch ( down by your right foot). No spark then. Also check to see if wiring to flywheel is good. Did you get any spark at coil? Power to it?
  7. Honda

    I'd check coil and of coarse battery
  8. Suzuki Any of you guys done this? I followed the set up on this link using an old street sign. I have a dremel and grinder. How did this guy make it look so good. Where can I get some aluminum like that. The street sign was too thick. The ring to hold lock cylinder wasnt close to threading.
  9. Missouri

    Had a great time Sunday with Tom and a few guys. Lots of great trails. Tom knows all the trails better than anyone I've met he's a walking map. Can't wait for the next trip.
  10. Missouri

    Anyone looking to go this sun mon or tues of next week? I plan on going one of those days. Let me know and we can meet at one of the camps
  11. Missouri

    any wildfire damage to riding area? I've been really wanting to ride but its so dry if a brushhog could start a fire by just hitting a rock sounds like whole place is ready to go up.
  12. Missouri

    i live in springfield, mo, eh the heat what rattlesnake cave and camelbacks are for.
  13. get a sharpie and get valve completely black, make sure its wet then slide in place. look at seat and see contact areas. do same with seat coat it with wet ink from sharpie and look at valve. contact areas will show and show you if you have large gaps