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  1. Great input. Front forks seems to be bolt on. The shock does seems to be a tad bit longer (what I could see form the pictures of it). I will see if I can get someone to measure it.
  2. I know that they share pretty much in the chassis department. But will the rear shock and front forks bolt right up?
  3. Elfgren

    KYB 48mm Clunk/Spring sound (KX125)

    Thanks for the input guys! I will take it apart and keep you updated.
  4. So I got my hands on a set of KYB forks. They haven't been worked on for years. Seems to work fine but I would guess that they are in need of an oil change. However, the right fork leg makes a sounds when you hit the steering stop / lower clamps hit the frame. It sounds like the spring is hitting the inner walls in the fork leg. In other words, not a single sound when i compress the leg, but if I hit it from side to side I get this weird clunk sound. Almost like if you drop a spring on the floor. Is something majorly wrong with these forks or could it just be that the right fork is low on oil? They belong to a KX125. Any clues?
  5. Elfgren

    Seal the Airbox?

    Oh hell no. I would not accept that.
  6. Anyone know where I can find a picture over the cable routing for the KX125? Both for the electric system and the throttle/clutch cable. Thanks!
  7. ...Will it fit? Just the fork, not the clamps.
  8. Elfgren

    2005 KX125 Build

    Lovely bike!
  9. Elfgren

    How to tell if it's a 2009 or 2010?

    Spot on, thanks!
  10. Elfgren

    How to tell if it's a 2009 or 2010?

    I've found a bike and I've searched a bit about this and couldn't find any answers. Plastic and graphics are different, but they are replaced. The header is different, but it's got an aftermarket exhaust. The seller states that it is a 2010, but I'm not sure. So how do I make sure that it's a 2010? Is the VIN number the only way to go? Thanks
  11. I noticed that we lost a few of the pictures in cyberspace. Bring 'em back:
  12. All the pictures is actually better than the story itself. God bless Photoshop!
  13. Love this thread, such a great story and your 125 is absolutely kick ass.
  14. Elfgren

    Chad Reeds 2013 CRF450 AMA SX

    Stunning, but i'm not sure about the graphics. I think that the 2011/2012 graphics do look better, it's too much black now.
  15. Elfgren

    Bought 2007 CR 250R....the build begins!

    What do you use to clean your frame, swingarm and linkage?