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  1. the market where i live is anywhere from $3000-$3700
  2. Again i doubt it, i can see anybody buying a '09 bike even with all the goodies for anything less than 2500. people can buy a much newer bike or even a 2 stoke which seems to be the big trend. Also RMZ bikes dont really hold their value since they havent changed a whole lot since 2011.
  3. Honestly i doubt it. Where i live 2300 could get you a 250F that is a 2010 model or even newer. so i would say 2300 would be the ceiling price for your bike
  4. depends on your skill level and what your wanting out of the bike. Big bore will let you be lazy and the power will be at the ready. I honestly prefer a stock 250 over a big bore, i just feel its more adaptable. As far as trading or selling, i have known people to run from a big bore bike especially if they dont know have the paperwork of who built the motor. Maybe its just where i ride but i dont know anyone who runs a big bore 250F.
  5. Samwise637

    '17 kx250f

    How does the kawi handle? Is the zuki that much better or has the gap gotten closer
  6. Samwise637

    '17 kx250f

    For the people that have bought one, how are you liking them? This will be my first kawi (granted the deal goes good with my dealer) so i was just curious if there is anything i need to look for when i get or parts/upgrades that would be needed for it. Im a novice rider and it was between a rmz and this but the airfork just doesnt sound fun to me i just hear mixed feedback on them. How the durability on these also? again not gonna be ridding this bike to the limiter but just wondering. thanks for the help!
  7. Samwise637

    2005 450exc vs. 2006 WR450F vs. 2008 TE510

    I would either go the WR or the 2012 ktm, mainly leaning the way of the ktm. Being newer it will be much easier to find parts for it, its much closer so you can test ride it, everything will be mmore up to date than said bikes. Ive been a ktm fan for a long time my 2013 350 xcw was a dream machine. i would look at the total hours on the machine if you can. if not, i would spend the extra dough or try to talk the '12 ktm down to 3900, granted its in good shape. I just think that is the better deal its newer, has better parts on a proven setup, a huge market for parts and it will hold its value fairly well. If its to much yamaha would be a solid bike. i would just stay away from the huskey
  8. Von Zipper all day. They have a wide range in their line up, They seal great on your face plus they look the best. And the people at VZ are by far the most down to earth and humble people ive meet from any company.
  9. Samwise637

    TC250 or RMZ250?

    Im actually in the market for a 17 rmz right now also. But your gonna be losing some power dropping down to a 250f, especially a rmz. In my opinion, handling will always trump power, id rather have a bike that i can really push with knowing it will hit any line and corner like a dream. Get more hp is pretty straight forward while getting a bike to handle right can be a head scratcher (just in my experiences). Not trying to tell you how to spend your money but suzuki is giving some awesome deals on the 17s. Now the rmz has airforks but ive heard good thing about them and im not sure where you stand one those. Hope this helps!
  10. Samwise637

    Buying a new 250f

    Im in the same boat as you but ive got mine narrowed down the the rmz or the kxf 250s mainly because i can get the best deal. But also due to the rmz handling and reliability. a buddy of mine has 2013 rmz with 0 issues, and i really like the kx for its power delivery, i demo'ed one and loved how manageable it was. To the i didnt really mesh with the yamaha or honda, then again ive never really most of there bikes. I would take a look at the RMZ, Im not sure what your skill or speed is like but me being a novice the rmz was alot of fun to ride, i dont need the most power or the latest in technology. Id rather have a bike that handles like a fighter jet and then make it faster when my skill sets get better. Just look at what are you wanting the most out of the bike to do, handling, power, suspension....its all preference.
  11. Samwise637

    KX250F VS. RMZ250F

    i take shootout results with a grain of salt. Yes the ktm 250 is "the best bike" but only pro level riders will ride that thing how it needs to be ridden, at 12-14K rpms. i dont think that would be a good bike for a c rider. I mainly looking for what its like to live with and how they compare side by side
  12. So im trading in my used 2013 kx450 simply because its just to much bike for me. And my local dealer made me a couple of awesome deals. Without going into to much detail of financing i can get either 2017 kx250f or 2017 rmz250 for the same price. Im partially torn on both. I like each bikes upside like the rmz handling and the kxf power. But not quite sure on which to go with i do both cross country and moto, mainly moto. Anybody ridden both of these or have any experience with either. Thanks for the help!
  13. Samwise637

    Best moto/CC bike

    whats wrong with wanting something unique like a tm or beta or gas gas? i was riding ktms when i was the only orange bike on the line and hell even at the track. And i liked that feeling that nobody or not alot of people was gonna have the same bike as me. I dont care that brand x has more access to parts or makes the best bike. I like having the rare or exotic bike, hell even a color nobody expected to see at said race. its just the way im wired i guess
  14. Samwise637

    Best moto/CC bike

    Just wanna try something new all my bikes since 09 have been ktm and i would like to try something different since everywhere i go i see orange bikes now
  15. So after a 2 1/2 break from riding and selling my ktm 350sxf im ready to get bacl to riding. Only this time i wanna try something other than an orange bike. I do a lot of moto and cross country racing here in texas. Not sure if i wanna go 4t or 2t i rode a buddies ktm 300. It was nice but couldnt ever get a liking to it. Im 6'4 200lbs so may bump up to a 450. Give me some suggestions! Thanks for the help