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  1. The problem with EU is that we only got 2 riders that really are capable of winning in the sand, and that is AC222 & Herlings. And because EU isent a country, they are not on the same team. While US and A got a team with 3 riders who are all capable of atleast getting top 3.
  2. I wanna change my Tech10s to these boots! But havent found them in any norwegian store yet...
  3. Who cares if RD wears one.... RV1 wears a neckbrace, nuff said
  4. How is the fit on one ind. Pants? They seem kinda baggy. I dont wear knee bracers so i prefer them a little on the tight side
  5. Yo! So on saturday Im moving out Therefore I desided to get some fresh gear so I have fresh boots & gear Ive used Thor gear for my last 2 years and I really like them. However, id like to try something else. Which brand would you guys recommend? Ive thought about getting the TLD GP Air in White/Blue, but I dont know about the sizes ( I cant try it on because there is so few stores here, and I will be ordering from BTO) Thx Im also saying goodbye to my Suzuki Rmz250 2008 before I take it to the dealer Then get 2012 Rmz250 in December when it arrives
  6. Id rather ride a figure eight. We have that at my local track for training
  7. Why not green? The Kawi just looks awsm. I mean, adjustable footpeg height
  8. You should try get your suspension tweaked. Im the same height as you and I actually overjumped a jump by 16 feet, like I jumped over the hole landing... So I lost my confidence alot, but then I got my bike dailed in, and it made me much more confidence. I also tryed to ride with my legs more straight (not completly straight) and lean more with my upperbody because of my height. Now I jump all the jumps on my track with ease
  9. Ive atleast heard a couple of guys breaking their collar bones duo Leatt Braces. Well ill continue to wear mine
  10. Ive not read all the pages, but is Thumpertalk against neck bracers? I mean, ive used it from day 1 when I started riding, and Ive had some big crashes, but never felt that the leatt brace have done any harm to may neck area. In fact I like it very much.
  11. In Europe this helmets are very commen Ive had mine for 3 years, its awesome and ofcourse super light, like everyone is like "oh sjiiit, thats sooooo light" Defently recommended
  12. Hai! So ive had my Alpinstars tech 10 boots for a year now, and Ive never been quit happy with them. Firstly, the buckle system aint quit good and secondly, I had to go up 3 sizes to make them fit my foot in width! So its not really comfy^^ Ive been reading alot on the SG12s, and they seem like a much better thought out boot, and also quit wider then the Tech10s. So I would like to ask if this is true? Sg12s are better for a wide foot?
  13. I went with the Suzuki as I get it a little cheaper Cant wait! Unfortunaly I have to wait until December before the bike comes. They were sold out so... But cant ride when its winter anyway^^
  14. Ahh thats sad :/ How is the 2012 CRF250? I havent seen any "First Impressions" off it. Have it been improved alot? Looks like Im between Kawi and Suzuki now, but more towards suzuki as I can get it a tad cheaper
  15. Well I can get the RMZ a little cheaper because its my local dealer. If I go with Kawi I have to drive some hours to pick it up^^ Can you adjust the height on the footpegs with the kxf250 like you can with 450??