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  1. The problem with EU is that we only got 2 riders that really are capable of winning in the sand, and that is AC222 & Herlings. And because EU isent a country, they are not on the same team. While US and A got a team with 3 riders who are all capable of atleast getting top 3.
  2. Fredde986

    Fox Instinct Boot

    I wanna change my Tech10s to these boots! But havent found them in any norwegian store yet...
  3. Fredde986

    Dungey ditches the neck brace!

    Who cares if RD wears one.... RV1 wears a neckbrace, nuff said
  4. Fredde986

    New Apparel!

    How is the fit on one ind. Pants? They seem kinda baggy. I dont wear knee bracers so i prefer them a little on the tight side
  5. Fredde986

    New Apparel!

    Yo! So on saturday Im moving out Therefore I desided to get some fresh gear so I have fresh boots & gear Ive used Thor gear for my last 2 years and I really like them. However, id like to try something else. Which brand would you guys recommend? Ive thought about getting the TLD GP Air in White/Blue, but I dont know about the sizes ( I cant try it on because there is so few stores here, and I will be ordering from BTO) Thx Im also saying goodbye to my Suzuki Rmz250 2008 before I take it to the dealer Then get 2012 Rmz250 in December when it arrives
  6. Fredde986

    Has anybody seen this?

    Id rather ride a figure eight. We have that at my local track for training
  7. Fredde986

    2012 CRF450 or 2012 RMZ450

    Why not green? The Kawi just looks awsm. I mean, adjustable footpeg height
  8. Fredde986

    Lost confidence on Jumps...

    You should try get your suspension tweaked. Im the same height as you and I actually overjumped a jump by 16 feet, like I jumped over the hole landing... So I lost my confidence alot, but then I got my bike dailed in, and it made me much more confidence. I also tryed to ride with my legs more straight (not completly straight) and lean more with my upperbody because of my height. Now I jump all the jumps on my track with ease
  9. Fredde986

    ***UnConfirmed*** Leatt caused death?

    Ive atleast heard a couple of guys breaking their collar bones duo Leatt Braces. Well ill continue to wear mine
  10. Fredde986

    ***UnConfirmed*** Leatt caused death?

    Ive not read all the pages, but is Thumpertalk against neck bracers? I mean, ive used it from day 1 when I started riding, and Ive had some big crashes, but never felt that the leatt brace have done any harm to may neck area. In fact I like it very much.
  11. Fredde986

    Airoh Aviator Helmet

    In Europe this helmets are very commen Ive had mine for 3 years, its awesome and ofcourse super light, like everyone is like "oh sjiiit, thats sooooo light" Defently recommended
  12. Fredde986

    Gaerne SG12s

    Hai! So ive had my Alpinstars tech 10 boots for a year now, and Ive never been quit happy with them. Firstly, the buckle system aint quit good and secondly, I had to go up 3 sizes to make them fit my foot in width! So its not really comfy^^ Ive been reading alot on the SG12s, and they seem like a much better thought out boot, and also quit wider then the Tech10s. So I would like to ask if this is true? Sg12s are better for a wide foot?
  13. Fredde986

    New 250F!!

    I went with the Suzuki as I get it a little cheaper Cant wait! Unfortunaly I have to wait until December before the bike comes. They were sold out so... But cant ride when its winter anyway^^
  14. Fredde986

    New 250F!!

    Ahh thats sad :/ How is the 2012 CRF250? I havent seen any "First Impressions" off it. Have it been improved alot? Looks like Im between Kawi and Suzuki now, but more towards suzuki as I can get it a tad cheaper
  15. Fredde986

    New 250F!!

    Well I can get the RMZ a little cheaper because its my local dealer. If I go with Kawi I have to drive some hours to pick it up^^ Can you adjust the height on the footpegs with the kxf250 like you can with 450??