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  1. draelas

    GoPro Hero 3 White or Hero 2 hd?

    i didnt look too closely at the white or silver ones, but they look like they are just versions of the hero 2, but in the smaller hero 3 size.
  2. draelas

    '01 YZ250-Noisy Clutch?

    my 2000 yz makes the same noise.. i tried taking it all apart and filed out the ridges in the clutch basket and put it all together.. bearings all looked good.. nothing was loose. anyways, after getting it all back together the noise is still there. only in neutral, only at idle. and only with the clutch released.. *shrug* my old r6 did the same thing.. my kdx220 however does not.. maybe its a yamaha thing.. lol
  3. draelas

    click sound from clutch.

    please bare with me im not very mechanically inclined, id like to be, but im just getting into it. so when my bikes running in nuetral, clutch released, there is a sound coming from the under the cover on the brake side of the engine. when i pull the clutch lever the sound is quieter and less noticeable. as you let go of the lever again, it slowly gets louder. so im guessing its definitely something with the clutch.. not sure what the problem would be. when riding everything seems fine, as far as i can tell. the clutch works as it should.. just not sure what the noise is. its quite noticeable. thx
  4. draelas

    Mid Ride Meals

    We usually stop at subway on the way out. Throw it in a cooler for later
  5. i labelled them 1 and 2. curious what adjusting them changes.
  6. i have those ones.. they vibrate like crazy. they work enough to show you there is a car there, but what kind of car and where exactly they are is a guess. lol
  7. draelas

    HELP DRZ sm loud popping

    when it pops on decel, is it hurting anything?
  8. I have an SM. if i swap to those sprokets can i use the stock chain? Got some long road trips planned this summer and i think they might help. Also ive never changed a front sprocket before. Anything i should know? Like keeping it in gear to be able to loosen off the bolt?
  9. draelas

    HELP DRZ sm loud popping

    mine does this aswell.. has full yosh exhaust, been rejetted and 3x3 mod. from what i read its normal for the bike to pop on decel with a full exhaust. i asked the same question here and was told not to worry about it. just normal operation. agreed with what 38 super said. always some dummy who ruins it for the rest of us. shame we live in a world where we have to abide by the lowest common denominator.
  10. draelas

    2000 kdx220 best usd fork option

    ok thx for the tips... how does one get the kdx stem.."knurled"? dont suppose someone knows of a howto for swapping forks in this way?
  11. wondering how well graphic stickers, for shrouds, etc, stick to plastics that are scratched up. I got a kdx 220 recently and noticed the factory effex kits arent to expensive. Tho my plastics arent too bad, they arent smooth finished anymore either. So im hoping a cheap graphic kit will help the looks a bit. Thx
  12. i have a 2000 kdx220. Whats my best option for a modern usd fork swap? Hopefully something thats a simple swap? Something i can do with hopefully a basic set of tools. I see most people go with something off a kx, but seems to require some machining of some kind., but depends on the year and model. What woukd my best option be?
  13. draelas

    a pic for you guys to inspect

    heres a pic of the spark plug
  14. draelas

    a pic for you guys to inspect

    haha, i keep thinking to myself that next time i go to the garage to take a pic of the spark plug, then i forget when i get down there. ill remember one of these times.. but to describe, it looks brand new.. little bit of black or dark brown color on it. went out with it on saturday. ran great... couldnt figure out the idle problem, has new gas in it.. the idle adjustment screw is pretty worn out from a previous owner, so i can get it to turn very well.. so im gonna get a new one and try again then.. in the mean time i just adjusted the cable at the throttle to rev it up a bit at idle.. surprisingly by doing this my revs dont go up or down while steering. so should be a good band aid fix for now.