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  1. Grinstead_77G

    Warp9 wheels driving me nuts! Plz help...

    Warp9 makes the relocation bracket. and I believe the Warp9 rotors are actually 320mm in diameter
  2. Grinstead_77G

    DRZ SuperMoto Wheels

    I have a set of New Warp9 DRZ Super Moto Wheels... PM me if interested, and I will provide details
  3. Grinstead_77G

    Replacements RIM/ parts

    My apologies...I looked back to my original posting and see that I reversed the lead spoke explanations. Left lead is Japanese and right lead is Euro... just happened to service a new Beta a few months ago... and was surprised that the hubs are pretty much KTM clones (Japanese). Excel parts for your bike. ICK408 black 21x1.60 36 hole FEK422 or FEK410 black 18x2.15 36 hole... I prefer the 422 on KTMs and Husqvarnas but the 410 works as well. Again, my apologies for sending you on a wild goose chase. Jeff Grinstead Castle Rock, CO
  4. Grinstead_77G

    Replacements RIM/ parts

    From the Excel Dealer Price List. My recommendation is to give Dubya a call and ask them for EXCEL or DID rim numbers for the make, model and year bike of your bike. The only modern bikes that are still using Euro drill rims seem to be GasGas and rear adventure bikes with cush hubs.
  5. The FMF RCT 4.1 quiet insert is 42mm in diameter
  6. Grinstead_77G

    I need help with my new exells

    As far as the front goes, getting the front rotor perfectly centered in the caliper is key to front fitment. Fortunately modern YZFs and KTM/Husqvarnas are running 22mm front axle diameters. However, the hub widths are different, so you are going to need a set of custom spacers up front as well, and the rim will need to be realigned to get it centered in the fork tubes.
  7. Grinstead_77G

    I need help with my new exells

    You have some other major issues. KTM/Husqvarna rear hubs are 158mm wide between the sprocket and brake rotor mounting faces. Yamaha rear hubs are 154mm wide. This spacing is critical to establish proper chain and brake rotor alignment. The inside spacing of the KTM/Husqvarna swingarm is also wider than the Yamaha, which will also require custom wheel spacers, and once you get the chain alignment correct, will also require some caliper mount mods to move the caliper over. The only good news is mid-1990 Yamahas had 220mm rear diameter brake rotors. So IF you can get your alignment issues sorted out, you do have an option for a 220mm rear rotor.
  8. Grinstead_77G

    Front end wobble on jump landing

    It appears your fork tubes are raised in your triple clamps. I’d suggest you loosen all of your fork triple clamp bolts and slide the fork tubes down to be nearly flush with the top of your top triple clamp. Also, if you’re not bottoming out your rear shock, I’d suggest taking a turn or two out of the preload on the rear spring. At 160 lbs., you may not have enough rear sag. Head shake is usually from to too steep of a fork angle when hitting rough sections of a track. Lowering the forks in the triple clamps and also adding a bit more rear sag can help reduce head shake.
  9. Grinstead_77G

    Replacements RIM/ parts

    If you determine that you have a European drill pattern, the Excel rim part numbers will end in 431 for the front and 433 for the rear. ICK431 for a black 21x1.60 front rim. FEK433 for a black 18x2.15 rear rim. Both are 36 hole drilled for 2 cross lacing patterns.
  10. Grinstead_77G

    Replacements RIM/ parts

    It’s hard to tell from the photos. Some European bikes require special drill pattern rims and hubs that make them incompatible with Japanese hubs and rims. I service a few Gas Gas bikes that require these European drilled rims and also some of the larger KTM adventure bikes, older Husqvarnas and Husabergs. The easiest way to tell is to look straight down at the center of the hub and see if a set of parallel spokes lead with the right side or the left side. European drill patterns lead with the left, and Japanese drill patterns lead with the right.
  11. Grinstead_77G

    lost nipple

    Square or spline drive? I have both
  12. Grinstead_77G

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    My street legal 2014 350XCF Yeah, it's a bit dirty... But I do clean it up.
  13. Grinstead_77G

    trials bike pictures

    2015 Montesa Honda 4RT260 BTW, just picked up a 300RR...
  14. Grinstead_77G

    Pics of your CRF250R (just pics, no questions pls)

    Here's mine... 2013 with full Scott Venning race motor...
  15. Grinstead_77G

    Valley Dirt Riders (VDR-MX) Closing!

    I'm planning on racing the CORCS at Jewel/Watkins. You gonna join us, mjskier?