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  1. Derblank1

    Toy Haulers

    I have the Ragen 29N. Its 29 foot from tip to tip with a 26' 9" box. It is the absolute best for taking the family out. The generator is such a nice touch to have when your dry camping out in the middle of no where (A/C, microwave...) Try www.rv.net at the Toyhauler forum. Great advice!! Be careful of the weight of the trailer and the weight of the tow vehicle. You will find with combined gross vehicle weight you will get to the limit faster than you think. one note... 5th wheel (15,001lb GVWR) or pull Trailer (10,001lb GVWR) you need a class "A" non-commercial lic. in California... I tow with a Ford F-250 SD, V-10 with 4.30 gears and it pulls just fine.
  2. Derblank1

    Another Toy hauler question

    Thanks for all the info. I learned a few things with all the info that was presented. First, the Toyhauler is a 29N. I thought it was a 29 foot trailer. It is 29 foot from tip of the tongue to the tailgate with a 26 1/2 box. So is it more like the WW 2660. Second, I have made sure that all the numbers look good for the towing. So far, its under the tow rating. I did a figure on paper and I will be about 1800-2000 lbs under the tow rating of the truck. Now comes the shocker...I found out that anything over 10001 GVWR (pull trailer) you are supposed to have a class "A" non-commercial licence (in CA). Go figure. The largest toyhauler I found under that weight was a 24 ft. Thanks for all the info and especially all the sites. Took a few days to get through them, but they were great resources that will make towing a lot more comfortable.
  3. Derblank1

    Another Toy hauler question

    The truck has the 3.73 gears and is a 4X4 crew cab. I figure I will haul approx. 8-12 times a year. I am not concerned with speed, just never towed a long trailer like this before (longest was a 26 ft). I am thinking about re-gearing and am looking into the air bags for rear support. Yes the trailer has 2 axles, but are place towards the rear for the weight of the toys. The tongue weight is a little heavy (980) but I will have a weight distribution hitch. Picked it up for 18.5K. Blue booked 26-31K. (2003) Ragen 29N. Thanks for the input. Starting to put my mind at ease............
  4. I am buying a 29 foot Ragen Toy hauler that is not a 5th wheel. I have a 2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty with a V-10. Any on hauling a trailer like this?? Just wondering how the truck will do pulling it. I got the toyhauler at a great price that I couldnt pass up. Any info would be appreciated.
  5. Derblank1

    Help with Gaerne boot sizing!

    I wear a size 11 boot (Red Wing) and bought size 11 Gaerne SG-10 boots. they fit perfect!! They feel like slippers and I can wear them all day no problem!! BTW.. what size foot do you have??
  6. Derblank1

    What was your first bike

    1971 Yamaha Mini Enduro 60CC. Drove it to death... R.I.P.
  7. Derblank1

    Where to ride in Mojave

    I live in Tehachapi. PM me when you get here and I can point you in the right direction for riding spots.
  8. 2004 TRX 450R 2003 TRX 450 Foreman 2002 TRX 250 Recon 2002 TRX 90 2001 TRX 90 Yeah, they're all quads, but they are paid for. 1 year and my 2004 F-250 SD will be paid off...
  9. Derblank1

    HRC Kit/ jetting

    Try over at www.TRX450r.org and see what they have done. Lots of good info and most of the guys have modded out their 450's and gone through extensive jetting..
  10. Derblank1

    Gaerne SG10

    I bought a pair of SG-10's about 6 months ago. I wear a size 11. Your width may be a little bit of a concern since my boots fit very well. Snug and comfortable, but not tight. I DONT have a EEE width though. probably an "E". They are the most comfortable boots I have worn, easily broken in, and offer great protection. I would suggest trying them on before buying. Dont want to end up with a 300.00 pair of boots that kill your feet and ruin your ride.
  11. Derblank1


    Usually, a beer and thank you can get anyone of those trucks to pull you out. Most people I ran into down there are more than happy to help you out of the sand.
  12. Derblank1

    Acton takes aim at off-road park

    What is interesting is the fact that they use the "dust" issue in their complaint. I have three horses at home myself and "dust" is a constant issue at my house. Ever seen a horse and rider heading down a trail?? I have wondered how they proclaim every rider is riding illegally when most equestrians ride on power line right of ways.... I thought they were private property...hmmmm
  13. Derblank1

    Boots (Why is life so hard?) :(

    I have a pair of Gaerne SG-10's. I am suprised that noone seems to wear them. They are the most comfortable boot I have worn. Like slippers!! They hardly need any break in, and I like the way the rear of the boot opens up like a ski boot for ease of putting them on and taking them off. they have a good thick italian leather with a plastic outer shell. Rubber on the inside of the calf instead of leather like the Alpinestars. I tried on the Alpinestars but felt uncomfortable due to a large bump at the arch. I didnt want to rub my foot raw trying to get the stars broken in. I have nothing but good things to say about the Gaerne SG-10's.
  14. Derblank1

    First Aid

    Dont forget a GPS. Even a small hand held unit. Could be the difference between a 30 minute rescue or a 3 day search and rescue.
  15. Derblank1

    Palmdale/ Lancaster Riders

    Powerfiend Sent you a PM. Looks like we need to set up a ride for all the locals..