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  1. Hi, I'm the proud owner of a new '19 YZ 450F and I absolutely love the bike. I have a few questions. 1.). The throttle pull seems a little harder to pull than my '18 KTM 450SXF (It does not stick, just a little harder to pull). Is there some type of Throttle cam that makes the throttle pull easier? I run the ODI lock on grips, but I may have to switch to a conventional grip and run something like the Works Connection Elite throttle tube if that helps? 2.). Oil question. I have some left over (very nice/ expensive- free to me) Bel Ray 10-50 synthetic oil. Can I use that it my bike? I live in AZ so with it being so hot, thats not an issue as far as the weight is concerned. My buddy says no...but after looking at the manual it fits right in the range of acceptable oils...I'd like to burn through it if I can... Eventually I'll just switch over to Yamalube 10w-40. Again... I love this bike. I can't believe how much faster it is than my KTM. I also ordered the Dr. D NS-4 slip on for the bike. Keefer testing really liked that slip on for this bike!
  2. motoxjeff

    2019 300XC W TPI

    I gotta ask....how much OTD?
  3. motoxjeff

    Bent rim advice

    I would....buy a new rim...
  4. Anyone try the Ride Engineering Pull rods for the '17-'18 yet? I have a problem with the bike knifing a little bit...MX, vet -intermediate. I'm going to try to yanking the tubes down from 5m, to 2m tomorrow to see if that helps.... Other than that I might try those pull rods. Anyone else have them on their '17-'18?
  5. I can't think of a bigger piece of shit than the Unabiker radiator guards. I guess I got spoiled by the Bulletproof designs generation 2's for my KTM (Of course they don't make any for Honda). The Aluminum is extremely low grade and will bend in your hand. Its a complete pain in the ass to install, and the holes don't line up with OEM. Just wasted $100. I guess I'll try the Works Connection :/
  6. I have an '18 CRF 450 R. I'm getting a new clutch installed soon...be interested in actually hearing from people (who have them on their bikes) which one they prefer and why. I have owned several Rekluse Torque drives and they are outstanding...Been looking at the Hinson because I have never had one in my bike (I know its more expensive than Rekluse too). That BTL slipper clutch looks amazing...but is it worth $1,700...? Ouch.... Strictly talking MANUAL vs MANUAL.... Thanks
  7. Just ordered the black set off of ebay for $115. Thanks! It said that it was for a 2017...but I assume it will also fit the 18 as there were no changes in that area.
  8. Thank you for that....I was actually leaning towards the GPR V4 stabilizer. I rode the bike tonight and it was amazing...Lots of twitch and head shake coming into braking bumps and rutted corners. I will also have the bike re-valved over the weekend...so that will obviously help as well.
  9. As the title says. I don't want radiator guards that look like I'm about to race the Erzburg in Austria, and the works connection radiator braces are absolutely awful (I've had them before on bikes, and they do absolutely nothing). The only thing that looks remotely feasible is the Unabiker radiator guards that has front, and side impact protection. Kinda bummed Bullet proof designs doesn't make Honda radiator guards...they are excellent. *Also...does the Showa steering damper- By Ride Eng. (24m) bolt right on underneath the number plate with no mods?*
  10. I found the tray I need. Which battery would fit? They have different part numbers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BATTERY BOXPart #131307011248Mfg. #79011055100 $21.89MSRP: $29.19 You Save: (25%) $21.89 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Antigravity Batteries 8-Cell Small Case Race Use Lithium Battery - 2018 HUSQVARNA TX 300Part #1388590001Mfg. #AG-801 $159.99MSRP: $179.99 You Save: (11%) $159.99 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Antigravity Batteries 8-Cell Small Case Hi-Power Lithium Battery - 2015 KTM 350 XC-FPart #1388730001 Includes:Antigravity Batteries 8-Cell Small Case Race Use Lithium Battery (1 per pkg.)Mfg. #AG-801 $159.99MSRP: $179.99 You Save: (11%) $159.99
  11. Can I get a part number for the AG 801, so I can find it on Rocky Mountain. I found the OEM KTM battery tray in a video done by Jay Clark on you tube.
  12. I'm inclined to try the AG 801. I want to order parts off of Rocky Mountain in the KTM OEM section. I have the '17 450 SX-F. Which battery tray do I need to order to support the AG 801 platform specifically? The tray from the 17 XCF 450? Thanks
  13. My mechanical experience is novice at best....2 questions: 1.). This black chord was connected to my battery, but was not plugged into anything...just wrapped under the main electronics...What is it, and do I need it? Maybe at one point and time it was plugged into something? I always took my bike to get worked on, and had various parts on it at times. Maybe I don't need it anymore? 2.). Is this WPS featherlight battery good enough to run my trail tech fan, or should I buy the Anti gravity?
  14. This is exactly what I'm doing splitting time between the track and the desert. I need to do some more research, but I may just order an OEM stator from an FE/ XC-F- KTM. I put my setting high to not have the fan come on as much (you are right).
  15. Here's the final verdict. The 450 is obviously faster and well fair better in almost every type of riding. The 350 is fun, and well work better in EXTREMELY tight stuff due to the rotational mass being less. The 350 you have to ring out to get power, however it does have 6 gears. If you are a 250 guy, or weigh under 160lbs...the 350 would be great. I weigh 210 lbs and do desert racing. I can tell you that the 450 is better for racing. There is nothing better than being able to have the Low end grunt of a 450. The flex bars are a must!