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  1. I ordered a pair about a week ago and should be in any day,I'm just wondering if anyone has them and if so what they think of them,I used to use 100% but I'm just over that fad and after I had a lens break after a rock hit them I thought it was time for something else.
  2. RMZkid141

    Your Opinions of the C-class?

    I used to feel how you feel now in my first year,and I never understood it until this year.The reasoning is the top 5 guys in the C class are either a term in my organization called "Half B" or preparing to be "half B" I would first suggest reading your organization's manual regarding the promotional points,but I'm going to break it down how my organization is because I'm assuming it's not that different compared to others.I'll start by saying in mine,there is no D class. Promotional points are giving out to the riders who finish in the top 5 (5th gets one point,4th gets two and so on) In my organization you need 20 promotional points to go "half B" Most kids in the C class do the Youth C,Open C or 250 lites C. To make it easier I'm going to say the two classes I race,the Youth C and Open C. So lets say I get my 20 promotional points doing a combonation of the Youth C and Open C and have pointed out of the Youth C and I'm now half B,I have officially pointed out of of the Youth C and can no longer race that class,so I have to race the Youth B in substitution,I still have only 20 promotional points,and need 30 to go "full B" So what I would do is race the Open C and Youth B until I get the remaining 10 points to be a full amateur rider. Now to explain what you're seeing,you race the 125 novice,which is not a youth class (In my organization the youth class is ages 12-18) Some of those riders are probably in Youth B and are racing the 125 Novice to get their remaining promotional points,you can replace Open C with 125 Novice and the same exact rules will apply. I'm in my 3rd year racing,and unless I crash,every time I go out for a moto,I get a top 10 or better,haven't broken the top 5 yet,my best is a 6th. In a few years time,you'll be the rider who people think should be in the B class,everything comes with experience,and those really fast guys should be in that class for another 3-4 races,5 at the maximum. It's a part of racing and you will see it happen a lot the more years you keep racing and understand it better,and if you want to know exactly what you're organization does when it comes to promotional points,read the rule book and get a better understanding of the breakdown. Also,if those riders are members to your organization,then I wouldn't call them sandbaggers,but if they're one day riders or "X" riders,then they're probably sandbagging. If there is any confusion,message me back and I'll try and explain better.
  3. RMZkid141

    New Tech 10's vs. old.

    I have Gaerne Sg12's and I'm a 14 shoe,and the 13 boots fit me perfectly,so try on a pair of the 14's and see how they feel,the Gaerne is a better boot than the Alpinestar in my opinion.
  4. My dad still has his in our garage,a 1978 TT-500. The things is a monster,looks a little out of place next our newer bikes,but it is just a kick ass bike to have,i'm so glad he never got rid of it,but he did get rid of his 1976 rm125 which he is mad about all of these later,all I have seen of it is pictures of him riding it,with the TT it's cool because there it is out in the garage.
  5. Side note: It wasn't the Acerbis,SDG or any other really well known company,it was a company I had never heard of before
  6. It's anywhere from 6 months to a year old,the issue that is,it was in that section where they test a few products and the go over the pros and cons,and the one I'm looking for is this seat foam,it was being used by the pros and it was completely water resistant,I'm really interested in reading more about it but I can't remember the damn name of the company,if helps at all the foam was green
  7. RMZkid141

    Neck Brace? Yes, No?

    When I rode in my backyard for 7 years,I never wore one because well,I'm riding around a big field with no one else and doesn't put you in a lot of real danger,but 3 years ago when I started racing we got one,the Leatt Club 2,I mean my parents just figured it was worth and I was all for it,I don't even really notice while riding,it's I'm used to it and I just wear it.Never had a problem with it or a major crash where it was really put to the test,but who knows if the easy to medium crashes could have been bigger if it wasn't for it. The advertising scared my parents and I into buying it,so I guess the ad campaign did it's job. A buddy of mine was wearing the exact same Leatt I had and crashed and broke two vertebrae in his back,and the doctors said some of the break could have been from the Leatt,so after that they got another neck brace, the Atlas.So who knows how bad or worse it could have been with our with out the Leatt.I still wear mine regardless,is there even real proof they make a difference?I don't know,but it's one of those things that took the sport by storm.
  8. RMZkid141

    MX Boots 2013

    I had two pairs of Alpinestars Tech 3's and they were absolute shit,I now run SG12's and my god it is amazing,in every aspect in which I can't describe.You can't describe it until you try one on. I tried on the crossfire 2's right when they came out and they were too slim in the ankle/calf area,which is what I had heard about the Sidi's,the Gaerne's just fit better.Both were comfortable and had great support. I have heard from most Tech 10 people that they hate them,one guy said "You pay all of this money for nothing" Maybe the next generation ones are better but we won't know until they're released. As far as the Instincts,while they look cool that's where most of the positives end. I've seen Instincts that were two months old that already had holes in the side,and who knows where they're made? China most likely,at least with the Gaerne,Sidi,and Aplinestars you know they're made in Italy. I'd say either Alpinestars,Gaerne's,or Sidi's but go down to a dealer and try them all on and see how each feel,but I'd pass on the Instincts.
  9. RMZkid141

    Get what you pay for? (Helmets)

    I'd have to differ with some of you,I currently run a Shoei after getting a concussion in a lower level One Industries helmet a few years back. Yes,while all the helmets do meet the DOT standard,who's to say what that standard is? The Shoei and Arai are met to the DOT standards and SNELL standards are far more rigorous,so if you ask me,you're head is worth a Shoei,Arai,or a 6D,wouldn't trust a fox V4 though.
  10. Since it is the off season I'm beginning to think about replacing parts in my bike,piston to be exact.I have heard that the high compression pistons increase power but they're more prone to blowing up.A friend of mine says he won't put any aftermarket part in his engine,he stays true to OEM parts.Is it worth buying a higher compression?Do they last or will they require more maintence because of the increased performance?I don't beat the heck out of my bike either,would that improve the longevity?Finally,my bike is a 2011 RMZ250,bone stock so,would putting in that piston (higher compression) cause me to have to upgrade any other internal parts? Many thanks-Zach
  11. RMZkid141

    Piston and valve spring replacements?

    I have a 2011 RMZ-250 and I have 53 hours total on the bike.I race and raced all throughout this year and was thinking about getting my piston replaced.I Emailed a guy at my local engine shop asking on what to do and he recommended doing a piston replacement and replacing the valve springs.Here is where my first question is,I've heard nothing but good things about the place but I was wondering if the piston and valve springs would need to be replaced or if the guy just wants my money and really the bike is fine.Oh and I'm not revver either,I don't hit the limiter everytime I get the chance,would that make a difference with the wear and tear? Many thanks-Zach
  12. This is a straight forward question,I've heard good about both bar companies but can't tell which one is the best overall.Tag has thier reduced vibartion whilst Renthal has thier twinwall design.
  13. RMZkid141

    Worn brake pads?

    I've noticed a huge decrease in stopping power with my front and rear brakes.Both the disc and pads are stock and I was thinking of replacing them.The only thing I want to know is if there is something else,other than worn brake pads that could cause me to lose their power.Also,my brake lever has more play in it than it used too,could that be the problem?I notice the same in the rear,not as much stopping power and the lever has more play.The brake pads I'm looking to buy are Galfer's and I wanted to know if they would be a good replacement,if they're up to OEM standards and will fit with the stock rotors. Many thanks-Zach
  14. RMZkid141

    Which Helmet?

    Yeah don't go with the Bell.Look into Arai too.If you buy either the Shoei or Arai you won't be dissapointed also do reaserch on them too,get your head measured aswell because it really makes a difference if the helmet is really comfortable and feels like it is made for your head.
  15. RMZkid141

    Mike Alessi KTM 450 for sale?

    It's a nice looking bike but I don't think it's factory,almost all factory teams have DLC coating on the forks and shocks,well this bike doesn't have that so I think the guy put a lot of money into it to make it look factory.But that's just what I see.