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  1. 210zook

    Please help !! 2008 RMZ450

    You might check the air temp sensor in the airbox. Mine had issues cutting out due to a broken wire going to that sensor. When you take the seat off, the wire is underneath the rubber flap at the bottom of the tank/subframe junction.
  2. 210zook

    08 rmz 450

    Try Cycle Gear for the plug. I think I paid $25.00-30.00 for mine. Also you can find them on e-bay pretty cheap.
  3. 210zook

    KX450 to RMZ450 - anyone make that move?

    I did but my KXF was an 07 and I moved to the 09 RMZ. The RMZ turns great and is easy to ride, but the suspension is a bit harsher than the KXF, especially the forks. Not sure how the 11's are compared to the 09's suspension wise.
  4. 210zook

    WTB - Stock Springs 2008 2009 2010 RMZ 450

    I have a set of stock front springs if you are still looking.
  5. 210zook

    08-10 450 with yoshi slip on

    The screen is only for a spark arrestor. Depending on where you ride you might need it (woods or moto). I do not think there is much difference in power whether you use it or not.
  6. 210zook

    350+ hours and now it finally needs some attention!

    My 05 RMZ had the bottom end go early on (maybe 40 hrs or so), but my 08 RMZ just turned 100 hrs. with zero issues. Top end was done at 85 hrs. to be safe and so far so good. It's been a great bike!
  7. 210zook

    Who got the best looking -08/09 ?

    Bike looks good! How do you like the Yosh slip on? Did you need to do any re-mapping? Just curious, I just ordered that pipe. Thanks!
  8. That makes sense. It sounds like you also have the crank play figured out with no up and down play. A bit of side to side is ok. Good luck with the bike!
  9. Just out of curiousity why is the seller a f*c&^ing liar? Because the piston had carbon on it? Maybe the guy ran the bike rich or didn't know how to jet or maybe he wasn't a great rider and did not open the throttle that much. Just seemed like a pretty harsh comment with you only mentioning the piston had carbon on it.
  10. 210zook

    2009 rmz torque settings

    16.5 foot pounds on both the upper and lower clamps. 72.5 foot pounds for the steering stem nut.
  11. 210zook

    HELP 2009 engine splutting when hot?

    No, just replaced it to start eliminating possibilities. Not sure if the temperature sensor was the fix or it was the outside air temp finally cooling down.
  12. 210zook

    HELP 2009 engine splutting when hot?

    I have an 08 RMZ 450 with the 09 engine and mine does the same thing. I changed the plug, which did nothing, took out the fuel pump and checked the wiring which was ok, and replaced the air temperature sensor in the airbox. I rode it yesterday for the first time since replcacing the air temp sensor and it ran fine. It was also only 80-90 degrees outside. The times it sputtered real bad outside temps were 90 plus degrees. I also changed over to engine ice prior to changing the sensor, but that did nothing as well. Not sure if it was the airbox temp sensor or just the outside air temp that fixed the problem. I have been told though to make sure the airbox temp sensor is clean where the tip extends into the airboot.
  13. 210zook

    where to buy 2010 rmz 450

    Good deal!
  14. 210zook

    where to buy 2010 rmz 450

    Not sure where in AZ you are located, but try Apache Yamaha/Suzuki in Mesa. Ask for Derek Vusovich, he straight on prices. No dicking around.
  15. 210zook

    08 RMZ 450-was for sale

    I was able to reach the guy. Thanks again!