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  1. ring ring... Straight from Emig! My tweet: @RickyCarmichael @emig47 Looking back at the video, do you guys believe that Malcoms pass on Bogle was THAT bad or an intentional take out? From Emig: @JBradshaw264 No, just a bad decision. Believe me, i have made a few of those in my day too. Both guys rode great, just blew the top 5 pts
  2. No, sorry... I spend my free time putting in laps, in real life. And fwiw, I guarantee that if you were in may way of a podium finish in a AMA/FIM race... I'd put any pass I feel like I needed to on you. I dont go onto a track looking to make friends, mine come with me.
  3. Thats what I said isnt it...? Wait, i suppose i should jump on a bandwagon? Watching live, the pass did look dirty.. these guys are commenting in real time. I bet if they looked back at video they too would agree that it wasnt and intentional take out or even a bad pass.
  4. Well, i sprayed penetrating oil on it for a few days, then tried with some heat.. one side came out, the other i was not that lucky. The head of the bolt broke off, i welded a nut on it, it broke again. I ended up welding a nut on it all the way against the swing arm and taping a socket on it, along with some heat it began to came out. I was able to just run a M8 tap through it and put new bolts in. Not a fun deal for sure.
  5. You're right, I'm not a Dungey fan but i dont dislike him.. I just think he has ALOT of luck and due to not pushing the limits, hes there when others do and go down.
  6. I'm no pro rider by any means... But had i been bogle, i would have checked up, squared the turn and blasted it to try to get a run on him into the next section/turn.
  7. Bogle ran into Stewart. end of story, period. If you cant watch that video posted and see that bogle tried to square up the turn and ran into malcom, you're stupid. I guess Malcom should have rode around behind him for a few more laps and let the rest of the pack get away, so then everyone could get on here and bash him about not having the heart or drive or blah blah waah wahh
  8. I need to watch the video again, but it looked like he might have been caught BEFORE the crash.. maybe actually contributing to the crash. I dont think its a boot flaw, just one of those poop happens kinda things.
  9. You people that dont understand having a competitive nature trip me out. Clearly Dungey and Alessi fans. It's racing, you dont ride around the track and hope the guy in front of you lets you by or maybe he falls or makes a mistake in the next lap or so, truth is, you have 20 laps and everyone of them your dicking around hoping someone slips up so you can make a clean pass, the leaders are gaping the rest of the field. You have to be aggressive, and if that means not making friends, so be it. Some of you should take up knitting as a hobby.
  10. I cant believe he slapped him for sure... bi*tch move!
  11. Thank you! IT'S RACING!!!!!!! You aint out there to make friends, you're out there to pass the guy in front of you. To many sissys...
  12. Bad move???? He ran him clean on the inside and bogle didnt check up... when a mans under you its his territory if you're a smart rider you check up and get a run on him for the next corner. Bogle clearly turned right into malcom
  13. If i was weimer, i'd have drove dungey into the stands.
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