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  1. SteadyEddy

    leaking fuel when turning on fuel tap

    No expert, but am willing to give it a go. And in saying that, I just finished pulling the carby off and bending the little tab on the "float bowl needle thingy" LOL. Bingo, it's working fine now. Thanks for the advice
  2. Hi all I have a wr250 2-stroke 02 model. When I turn the fuel tap on it leaks fuel from one of the hoses that comes out of the carby . When I start the motor it doesn't do it. Im thinking it has something to do with the float bowl Any thoughts? I was thinking to just bend the float bowl needle thingy a bit?
  3. SteadyEddy

    HELP: Snapring removal on linkage kit 02-WR-250

    I ended paying for them to do it, I just felt like I was getting no where. How annoying! It cost me $25 and they put in the new bearing. I put the bike back together today and it still feels like it has movement in there some where. i might have to change the swing arm bearings too. Thanks again for the advice
  4. SteadyEddy

    HELP: Snapring removal on linkage kit 02-WR-250

    Thanks, i thought that would be the case, ill try again.
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if there is a trick to taking out the "snapring" on the linkage kit, it is holding in a bearing that rotates 360 degrees and connects the rear suspension to the linkage. I can't get the bloody snapring out that is on either side of the bearing. Im going for a ride on friday and If I can't change it tonight ill have to bite the bullet and pay someone to get it out. Any help appreciated. Cheers Eddy
  6. SteadyEddy

    Im back on a WR 250!

    Thats what I'm talking about, It has plenty of power now, but wouldn't mind the extra torque from a 300. Ill do a search on the 300 kit. Have many people done it? Also I heard a rumor that I can make it have 6 gears. Cheers Eddy.
  7. SteadyEddy

    Im back on a WR 250!

    Hey all, I finally got back onto a Husky:ride: , I sold my Yamaha 450 four stroke and will never go back to a four stroke . I got a 02 WR 250, just wondering on any advice to get the thing really cranking . Cheers Eddy
  8. SteadyEddy

    How much oil?

    I love thumper Talk, Now I got a link to manuals as well!
  9. Wow that's amazing, looks like something out of this world!
  10. SteadyEddy

    horsepower of a 2006 wr 250

    Holy smoke!!!! thats more then the 450's :applause:
  11. SteadyEddy

    Good bye Yamaha, Hello WR250!!

    Sweet, here is a link for others if anyone wants to check it out http://www.g2ergo.com/
  12. SteadyEddy

    Good bye Yamaha, Hello WR250!!

    What do you mean by "cams". Also the guy said I could adjust the exhaust spring valve to adjust the power?
  13. Hey all, just went and test rode the 07 WR250. What a blast! I sold my 03 wr450 last wed, and have been looking round. But no longer do i need to look. I hope to order my brand new one in the next week or so. Is there anything that I should order with it, ie I have asked for a price with bashplate that covers the expansion chamber and some hand gards. And whats the best fuel to oil ratio mix. Any ways thanks for your help. Looking forward to It
  14. SteadyEddy

    Starting Cut off relay, and diode testing

    Ok, after going in to the shop he said that niether were at falut and there was something else, another solenoid. But after testing everything again I came to the conclusion that the starting cut off relay is stuffed. It also has a solenoid on it and after hitting it a few times it passed the test as described in the book. Its working now but not all the time. Thanks for your input
  15. Hey everybody, My 03 won't start when I press the estart button, Have tested the button and its cool, have shorted out the starter and it turns so I know it works. Also have tested the clutch switch and it is also sweet. My question is that in the manual it says to test the "Cut-Off relay" and the Starting diode, Im not quiet sure on how to make sence of it by the book, and when I test it by the book they both dont seem to work. Either im doing it wrong or they both are shagged..... any ideas? Tommorrow Ill go to the bike shop and ask but I thought I would ask here just in case Cheers