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  1. alwayson1wheel

    Is a KTM 2T right for me?

    i went from a wr450 to a 300xcw this past spring and it was the best switch i could have made. the 450 had more torque for sure but the 300 will do everything the 450 could do but better. the 300 will continue to tractor up hills even when revs fall unlike where most 2 strokes will ether be on the pipe or stalled. ride one, you'll end up buying it. i added a rekluse to mine, well worth the upgrade.
  2. alwayson1wheel

    Hare scramble prep East NC

    you have outback in laurinburg, i believe there is another out towards the coast but i cant think of the name right now. most are in the central or western area of the state
  3. alwayson1wheel

    300 XC-W plated?

    it can be done but it is difficult, I would suggest if buying new, buy one from a dealer in SC and have them register it as a Motorcycle for road use, thats what i did back when i bought mine in april. told the guy i wanted it registered in case i ever wanted to ride it on street so i have the registration card for it all i would need is to get it inspected in nc (find somebody who will pass you) then get a tag. if buying in nc you won't get that option and it will be damn near impossible
  4. alwayson1wheel

    Brown Mountain or Uwharrie anyone?

    pretty sure me and some of my riding buds are going to outback saturday morning, nice track and plenty of trails to ride. right around an hour from charlotte
  5. alwayson1wheel

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    why wrap an off road bike header? just going to get all muddy with dirt trapped in it
  6. alwayson1wheel

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    fiancé gave me the green light so i ordered up a rekluse core exp today. can't wait to get it here and installed. dr says i can't ride for another 2 months from my broke ass foot but I'm pushing for sometime end of july early august. i figure i could always ride around some with my cast if i have a rekluse right
  7. alwayson1wheel

    Charlotte, NC area riders?

    this has got to be the longest month ever with no riding. I cannot wait until i can be one with the bike again.
  8. alwayson1wheel

    KTM 300 XC-W 2013

    2014 ktm 300 xcw
  9. alwayson1wheel

    KTM 300 XC-W (2013)


    2014 ktm 300 xcw
  10. alwayson1wheel

    Charlotte, NC area riders?

    I'm out for 8+ weeks, took my 300 up against a battle with a pine and lost miserably.
  11. alwayson1wheel

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    well it really comes down to what you plan on doing with it, but Sx is a motocross bike and the xc is more of a woods weapon. sure you could moto an xc and use an sx on trails but thats what they're designed for. also the sx has a smaller tank if that matters to you. xc has half gallon more fuel along with a 6 speed trans where the sx has a 5 speed trans. Xc has electric start. edit, I have an XCW which i fell in love with on day 1 and ill never own anything else.
  12. alwayson1wheel

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    go with the xc
  13. alwayson1wheel

    300 Pictures

  14. alwayson1wheel

    2014 ktm 250sx for trade $$

    post up in the southeast section, probably get better hits. also if you have a book face check out the "atvs and dirt bikes for sale in nc" page.
  15. alwayson1wheel

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    well technically sunday, but here I am getting the holeshot at the mideast race, led the first lap and a third of lap 2 before i got trigger happy trying to pass a 450 and clipped a tree. bike ended up fine other than a busted bark buster. got some bruised ribs and a broke foot. if ya aint first ya last!