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  1. mari0

    Lost "ring" from throttle slide spring

    Yeah, I ordered it. Have one we made in there for now
  2. Ok, well I'm going to try leaning it out with the needle before I pull carb. Ran a lot better without air filter. Still bogged at wot in gear....but couldn't get it to bog in neutral though.
  3. How can I verify choke working correctly? It might be that since there's a performance difference between starting cold and warmed up.Also -- doesn't want to idle cold, idles great hot.
  4. I didn't mess with float height, but I was wondering if it's the issue. It doesn't piss out the carb. Hardly leaks fuel when i tip bike over either.
  5. Well, I had taken the bottom end to a shop to be done. It looks like everything was done correctly as far as I could see. The smoke smells like premix. I figured it would run rich, stock jetting and 32:1 fuel mix. I got this bike, it's been sitting 10 years. Completely redid the motor, new seals in a clean carb. Set carb back to stock and was hoping to fire it up and ride it to see how it runs and go from there...but instead it's doing this. It should at least run with stock setup and just need some minor adjustments, at least I'd think so.
  6. https://youtu.be/n0a3RTKw0p0 Was your yz250 doing something similar to this? It runs great until it's fully warmed up, then runs like trash. Just loads up when you twist throttle. Just rebuilt carb with new gaskets, 172 main 50 pilot, stock needle at stock position. New top end, new bottom end. I thought it was the power valve, but doesn't seem like it. When I first start it, everything seems okay. https://youtu.be/XG1MoBsJ3Mo In the video above you can see, first start up is good
  7. I just had the bottom end done because the crank had up and down play. Rebuilt oem crank with new main bearings and seals. So, that's why I'm leaning electrical. I don't think I have the tools to test the stator, might be able to borrow them.
  8. I just did all that when I did the top end. Everything moves easily and smooth. It moves fine until the bike gets warmed up, then it doesn't want to run. I can open pv manually but still bogs down bad. Thinking might be ignition timing issue or bad cdi?? Not sure what symptoms those things would cause if it runs okay until it's warmed up.
  9. https://youtu.be/XG1MoBsJ3Mo I found the issue, anyone ever see this before? Seems to work at first then getting stuck barely open causing bike to die.
  10. I am having an issue with my YZ250, it's really bumming me out because I have just had basically redid the entire bike. It sat for about 10 years, the motor was toast. So, it has a brand new top and bottom end now. Carb was cleaned and all o-rings and rubber gaskets replaced. I had set jetting back to stock, 172 main, 50 pilot. I forget what the clip is on the needle, but whatever it says in the owners manual is where it is. I did 3 heat cycles to break it in. It runs great from idle til it should hit the power band. I can't even get it to want to lift the front wheel up. The power valve seemed to move smoothly when I re-assembled the top end. Although, a friend said maybe double check that. What it does is bog really bad and wants to die when I go past 3/4 throttle. It'll go a little bit and sputter, then just keeps want to die when you crack throttle. I thought it was starved for gas, put a 178 main in....worse result. I went to a 170 main and no improvement. Actually after a while it just died and I couldn't get it started again. The plug was wet and dirty, but not horrible. I let it sit a few hours, tried it and it started right up. (Still running the same though) I think it maybe getting flooded with fuel, only because after sitting it started up no problem. I have a list of things to check: Power valve, needle, float, reeds, exhaust for obstructions. Just looking for insight if anyone has had similar issues, maybe get me started in the right direction.
  11. mari0

    Lost "ring" from throttle slide spring

    That looks like it may be it, but it's in the wrong spot on the diagram. It should be above part #13.
  12. I was putting my YZ250 back together and compressing the spring to put the throttle cable back in. As long would have it, the spring slipped and the little white "ring" (according to owners manual) went flying into the bushes next to the driveway. Can't find it anywhere and motosport/rocky mountain can't get it...it doesn't even show up in the carb diagram. Any ideas besides paying $10 for a used spring on ebay that comes with it?? Is it really THAT important? It's the small white thing in the picture.
  13. Yeah, I realize this is an old topic.....android app crashes when I attempt to write a new post. I did confront him about the lies. That's why I told him give me the company he uses and I will contact them. Everything on power seals end is perfectly fine, cylinder looks great. They said they will plate to stock bore without piston supplied. The guy at the shop said he sent it, even after confronting him. Think he just gave me it with the cylinder to make it look like he sent it out together.
  14. I recently had taken my motor to a shop for a rebuild. Long story short, dude was jerking me around. So, after 2 months I went and picked up the partially assembled motor. The shop uses power seal for plating, he sent it there and told me he also sent a piston out with it. The guy had lied to me about everything, so when he told me the cylinders not back yet after 6 weeks....I called power seal. Turns out he sent it out just last week WITHOUT sending a piston. So the cylinder came back and I went to the shop to pick it up and the guy who owns the shop gave me an "A" piston with the cylinder. Does that seen right? (Had B stamped on it before sending out) I can't trust this guy at all!! Never again.
  15. mari0

    Ktm 200 exc harder to start when hot.

    I am also having issues with cycle playground and I'm local. Dropped my yz250 motor off 2 months ago, I paid him a visit last week and he hasn't even started it!!! Every time I call it was some kind of excuse, that's what caused me to stop in. If you're in the northeast Pennsylvania area, use team effort cycle!