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  1. You had me ducking.....that is some serious vegetarian riding
  2. Love the tunes man ! ...oh, and "man THAT is where I parked my truck ?? "...better lay off the JD cheers Greg
  3. Nice work!!.... you should be proud of that man. cheers
  4. Parksy99

    KTM 250 XC-W Woods loop

    Nice backyard loop ! Gotta be nice to have that available when the mood strikes. cheers
  5. Parksy99

    Good friends and a dirt bike...

    pretty funny stuff man, but when your bro falls in the mud , like FIVE times, it's time to turn of the GoPro and help...just say'n cheers Greg
  6. Parksy99

    Vancouver Island wet

    Not sure why the vid is launching in 3D...I think you can disable that by clicking on the 3D icon in the video toolbar....anyhow, the location is Ladysmith. cheers Greg
  7. Short vid of some wet conditions on Vancouver Island....sorry about the GoPro Chesty wasn't quiet set up right. cheers greg
  8. Parksy99

    XR250R at Rock Creek

    Nice man ! ...and thanks for keeping the fender cam to a minimum....sometimes less is more. cheers Greg
  9. Parksy99

    CRF450R Trail Ride

    I kinda like the Chesty GoPro mount....seeing the bars in the vids can be fun too. cheers Greg