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  1. Honduhminiman

    CR125 Flywheel Case Has Hole in Side

    i dont know if the case is made with a hole there or not, my KX has a whole cavity in between the cases that have small holes just like that. i think its just the crank seal behind the flywheel. take off the flywheel and inspect the seal
  2. Honduhminiman

    hard anodizing

    there are 3 types of anodizing. type 1 uses chromic acid but it is not really conducive to the coloring that people like. type 2 uses sulphuric acid and is very good at accepting dyes into the surface of the part, this is the type that you always see on all those expensive billet parts. type 3 which is the hard coat also uses sulfuric acid but it requires higher amperage, that increase in amperage produces a lot of heat so a chiller must be used. type 3 hard coat makes a darker finish on the part so it can only be dyed dark colors but the most common is just plain black
  3. Honduhminiman

    hard anodizing

    this process only works with aluminum so you must remove all steel parts that you dont want to be eaten away. you can anodize steel but its a different process that i have never tried i got most of my info from this page http://http://www.wa...l/anodize.shtml anodizing is very popular with paintballers i guess haha another good one http://www.thefintel...umanodizing.htm this is the best vidoe ive found on the subject
  4. Honduhminiman

    Cylinder Sleeve

    can you feel those marks with your fingernail if you scrape across it? i cant say for sure but those dont look like theyre through the plating. clean up the cylinder real good with hot soapy water and a fine scotch brite pad
  5. Honduhminiman

    hard anodizing

    if you could get the gear seperated from the basket it would be a very simple process. i have anodized parts on my yz in my garage with a gallon of battery acid and a power source. yes i know that its not HARD anodizing but the processes are not very different. basically the same process but hard anodize uses more current density. Hard anodizing of parts can be done easily and cheaply in your own garage.
  6. Honduhminiman

    Clutch basket center nut and lock washer question...

    if you lean it far enough you wont lose a drop of oil
  7. Honduhminiman

    shock pressure NITRO vs AIR

    i think it has a bit to do with the moisture content of the air and the fact that is a mixture of gasses. air has nitrogen in it so technically you are using nitrogen to fill your shock (along with several other gases haha)
  8. Honduhminiman

    carbon fibre chassis??

    i just did some research and i found out that my 1992 KX250 frame is actually 4130 steel which is a chromoly alloy.i was mistaken about that. but my 1981 Suzuki GS550 is mild steel as far as i can tell.its not a MX bike which makes a huge difference. its just a cruising bike
  9. Honduhminiman

    183 lb XR200

    does anyone know what the hell those crazy italians were saying? but i want a damn belt drive on my kx!
  10. Honduhminiman

    carbon fibre chassis??

    they havent used mild steel in frames for many decades if at all? thats seems odd seeing as i have 2 different frames from 2 different decades in my garage right now and both are mild steel
  11. i can confirm that putting your pipe in a fire will remove all of the carbon build up. but it will ruin the finish on the outside
  12. Honduhminiman

    carbon fibre chassis??

    i didnt say it was better than steel. i said its a better alternative to Ti because of the cost. i think it would be a bit lighter than your average mild steel you find in production bike frames.
  13. Honduhminiman

    1992 KX250 low buck project

    its been sleeved and bored to 67.5mm by the previous owner. im not into spending the extra money to get back to stock
  14. Honduhminiman

    Am I crazy...

    i just change mine with a 2 big ol screwdrivers and some windex, usually takes me 10 mins a tire ive also heard of some people who change their tires with bare hands about 5 minutes per tire, could just be a urban legend though
  15. Honduhminiman

    time for a new clutch ?

    the hub and basket look fine. are they locked even with the plates removed?