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  1. Goosedog

    Enoree and Manchester

    Nice meeting you Dean and thanks for the tip on the single-track.
  2. Goosedog

    Enoree and Manchester

    Thats our plan, Enoree on Sat and Manchester on Sunday.
  3. Goosedog

    Enoree and Manchester

    Got em, thanks grayfox. Enoree "call before you haul" recording is still from last Monday and says trails are closed due to wet conditions. Anyone have a guess as to them getting opened after 4days of sun? We are wanting to drive there early in the morning and still don't know what to expect.
  4. Goosedog

    Enoree and Manchester

    Yep, I know those things about Enoree, thanks. How about Manchester State Forest, is it still a pain to get passes? I remember it went from the honor system to trying to find the location to pay the fee like they did at Brown Mtn years ago only more difficult.
  5. Goosedog

    SouthCarolina Enoree and Manchester

    Planning a trip to SC and haven't been to either Enoree or Manchester in years. Can someone who's been recently tell me of any changes, news, closures, etc?
  6. Goosedog

    No joy starter XR650L

    So my starter only works half the time, the rest of the time it just clicks. I've changed out the handlebar switch and the solenoid, that only leaves the starter itself right?
  7. Goosedog

    No spark XR650L

    Thanks for the responses and the wiring diagram too. It was the kill switch but I'm still stumped as to what to do now. I also should have mentioned neither the kill switch or the wiring on this bike is/was original. The previous owner installed a TrailTech dash and did some rather unconventional wiring, that I am trying to straighten up. Again, thanks for the wiring diagram. The kill switch that he installed and the one I replaced it with are both from Highway Dirtbikes. The one he had was an on/off "click" type. The model I replaced it with the their "momentary" model, which made more sense to me for a kill switch. The on/off one you could never tell if it was on or off until the motor either fired or not. Now back to the momentary. Apparently my kill circuit requires a closed system to run the bike and a break in that loop to kill it. I believe this is backwards from stock, and Highway Dirtbikes switch closes the circuit to kill the bike when the opposite needs to happen. So I either need to go back with the "clicker" or do more extensive rewiring.
  8. Goosedog

    No spark XR650L

    Scratching my head here guys and I need a fresh set of brains.So yesterday I was doing a few spring fix's to my XR when I had an electrical snafu. I was doing some non-critical wiring at the bars; like new grip warmers, new front brake pressure switch, new starter/kill switch, when something I apparently did killed my spark. I get nothing at the plug when the motor turns over. I'm sure it's simple but you know how it is when you get too immersed in a project and you can't see the forest for the trees. Anyone see the obvious here?
  9. Goosedog

    Taller seat for XR650L

    Yeah I read a few threads on that mod but don't think I'll try it. I had FastWay lowboy pegs on both my YZ and Husky and liked em but they don't make any for the XR due to its asymmetrical configuration.
  10. Goosedog

    Taller seat for XR650L

    How is that going to increase the distance from the seat to the pegs?
  11. Goosedog

    Taller seat for XR650L

    Exactly! Although now I'm thinking of putting some ape-hangers on my giraffe.
  12. Goosedog

    Taller seat for XR650L

    Has anyone (with long-ass legs like me) found a tall seat solution for their XRL? I feel like I'm trying to get off the couch everytime I stand to ride techy stuff. The XR650R seat looks more MX style, with less of the deep banana seat saddle, and I'm wondering if it'll swap out or at least the foam could be used to heighten the XRL seat.
  13. Hey Thumper3, I have had a couple big-bore Xr's in my past but mostly rode YZ450's for MX and woods over the years. This latest purchase for me was a return to the bikes I knew in the past, kind of a return to my roots. This XR is an '05 and came with a FMF Ti exhaust, oversize tank, 42mm carb, Trailtec Vapor dash, battery mod and I paid $3500 for it last year. Since buying it I have added CR front and rear fenders, Trailtec X2 headlight, LED brake light, front fork brace, new seat cover and removed turn signals. I appreciated the previous owners desire to go with a more trim airbox cover since the battery wasn't there anymore, but frankly I don't care for the holes he drilled (un-necessary since the top of the airbox is opened up) and wanted to see it returned to the OEM style cover anyway. I just needed to hear from you guys what I have vs what I wanted. Thanks
  14. Thanks for all the pics and explanations guys. I also went by a dealer today and saw the set up on the actual bike. Now I can buy the right part with confidence, thanks again.
  15. So if you take off your side cover, whats between the battery and the airbox, where does it seal off? Can you also show me a pic of the inside of your OEM cover? Thanks for the help.