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  1. i wish there were presents for people who can't afford the latest revisions of the kx *sniff* :'(
  2. ikis86

    94 - 98 kx owners

  3. ikis86

    94 - 98 kx owners

    but next time do it in metric lol
  4. ikis86

    94 - 98 kx owners

    jeeks you're a hero
  5. ikis86

    94 - 98 kx owners

    Could one of you be so kind as to take a photo of your STOCK seat while holding up a ruler or tape measure for scale, if you know what i mean. Giving me a scale comparresson at the thickest parts of the foam. Some midget shaved mine and it's £30 just for shipping from the states for new foam, so i've had a word with my upholsterer and he can build it back up for me, would be real handy to have some idea how much material to put back.
  6. give them to me because ebay
  7. ikis86

    1998 Kx 125 Plastic Help?

    facelift is dead easy and makes the older bikes look sharper and me personally i think the 98's shrouds and rear end look great, better than the L series curvy horrible lines. and there are plenty of graphics kits still about you just have to keep your eyes peeled, found these bad boys the other day
  8. ikis86

    '06 125sx questions

    it's neither of those, it's the lower chain slider, like a half moon block of plastic. Ebay is the best place for parts for me in the UK and i cannot find one that says it will fit the 06. the newest ones are of a sligtly different design. I'm sure they can't be that different, but i need to be sure I have this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KTM-SX-SXF-97-06-EXC-97-07-CHAIN-GUIDE-SWINGARM-SLIDER-KIT-ORANGE-UFO-NEW-/231152842069?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item35d1c87555 But it doesnt come with this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-KTM-SX144-SX-144-2007-2008-LOWER-CHAIN-SLIDER-PIECE-/230708078678?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item35b745e856 it seems to start at 07, but they can't be that different from the 06? My problem is i dont want to order the wrong one, and preferable find one in orange, i enjoy making my bikes look right just as much as riding them lol my pipe cleaned up quite nice actually, i'll stick with the DEP for now until i crush/tweak/dent it whatever
  9. ikis86

    '06 125sx questions

    ok so no offence but the KTM 2 stroke people are ALOT slower than kawasaki 2 stroke members...you sell alot of bikes youre gonna get a mixed bunch of dribblers...huh? i'll eventually figure out what bits i need to order thankyou guysssss, but i thought i'd show some pictures anyway, because it's cool, and you lot seem to like pictures...yaaay! before: after:
  10. ikis86

    '06 125sx questions

    Got myself a 2006 125sx and just been going through it, new consumables and fluids, countershaft seal fixed, clean and re-grease etc. Compression is good so i'm happy to get a couple more hours out the top end before i freshen it. So couple of questions: which years lower chain slider will fit my bike? i ordered a kit and it only came with the guide block and the slider. Looking on ebay i can't seem to find any that i can be sure of will fit the 06, are they all the same up until recently? i just want to make sure before i order one. Also after changing the rear pads i noticed the caliper is very close to the spokes...thats normal with brand new pads right? The bike came with a DEP 'spanny chamber but the previous owner hadn't done the bare pipe maintence thing and it's a bit scabby, but i recon i'll just get the grinder and wire wheel too it and clean it up best i can and run it, i have the original pipe but these restrict power and are thin as coke cans and should be immediately binned in favour of any other pipe? Am i right there? 1 more thing can anyone tell me which frame guards are interchangable and where i can get some? either carbon or alloy, those black plastic things have got to go. Only had a quick blast on it but its nice and quick, love the little 125s, and so far it's been a pleasure to work on, being new to ktms.
  11. ikis86

    KTM 125 SX 2006

    For motocross
  12. ikis86

    KTM 125 SX (2006)


    For motocross
  13. ikis86

    Kawasaki KX250 1997

    long term project and possible supermoto conversion
  14. ikis86

    Kawasaki KX250 (1997)


    long term project and possible supermoto conversion
  15. ikis86

    Need help finding good chain for a 1998 KX250

    i've never done a drydocking in the states, just joined ships there. also that's a new build lol, there are no hours on those engines