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  1. I'm in Morinville, just north of the city.
  2. Im trying to get a 94 kx125 running that I got real cheap but I'm having issues with the clutch/tranny. When I shift the bike into gear it just makes a clunking sound and stalls. If I have it on a bike stand I can shift it through the gears. The clutch does not seem to engage at all though. I took the clutch apart and measured everything with a digital caliper and it's well within the tolerances that the manual recommends. I've got a new cable, the routing is proper and it looks like its working fine when the clutch cover is off. Could there be n issue internally with the tranny?
  3. Why is there never any blame thrown at the Hondas for all of Canards crashes? Is it because he's a nice guy and Stewarts known as a bit of a whiner? It always seems that people blame his crashes and injuries on bad luck. I'm not a big Stewart fan I'm just saying maybe Canard has the same issues it's just not blown up like Stewarts are because of the kind of guy he is and that he's likable.
  4. Canards Honda must have that same auto eject button on it that everyone talks about Stewarts bike having!
  5. Hey Albertans, I was just down at Thorn Valley Ranch Mx on the weekend. It's near Drumheller, good little track. Awesome soil and a fun layout. It was the only place without snow for hours from the Edmonton area so we took a chance and the 3 hour drive was worth it. Give it a try if you're looking for a new place to ride.
  6. Maybe it's not the map that made the difference for me then, just the other mods.
  7. Compare an interview with Jimmy Albertson and a video with Ronnie Mac talking and you'll think it's Albertson, I do any way.
  8. Hey guys, a few days ago I posted about how I start my 2011 Yz450f, well up here the snow has finally melted enough to ride and I've found that with the changes I've made to my bike over the winter it starts much easier. I put a full Yoshimura Rs4 system on it and put the one piece Cycra shrouds on with some holes drilled in the top. I have also changed to the map that is recommended for traction in slippery conditions and hard pack. In stock form it was tough to start when hot and in gear but now i don't need the cold start knob or neutral to fire it up. Just thought I'd share that with anyone that has trouble starting theirs.
  9. I got my 94 kx125 put together and fired up yesterday, having some clutch issues though. Today I put he engine back into the frame of my 92 kx125 and started it up.
  10. I don't know if this will help but I was knew to racing last year and I got my 2011 in August. It hit hard right off of idle so I put in the map that everyone recommends to smooth out the power and reduce that hit down low. I ride a very hard packed track a couple times a week and then our races are on much more groomed tracks that end up hard packed by the end of the week end. I started to play with the tuner over the winter and loaded the map that they say is for slippery conditions and hard packed tracks. I also put a Yoshimura full system on and when I rode it I was amazed at the difference. It felt like more power but it was also much wider of a spread and easier to control like they said it would be. As far as de-tuning it I don't know what to do,maybe an aftermarket power tuner would give you a wider range of adjustment or this might sound dumb but maybe there's a restrict or plate or washer that goes in the exhaust like on a kids PW 50 that tames things down a bit. Grayracer is the guy to ask about this kind of thing. I hope you find a solution,good luck!
  11. If you have a power tuner you can change the power delivery somewhat. The 2012 has had a change in the mapping that comes from the factory so it might not need the change that a lot of people have done with the 2010/11 model,which is to take away the hard hit off the bottom. There are a few threads on TT that give you a bunch of maps to try and they explain what changes they make to the power delivery of the bike. You can't add or take away any horsepower with this device though.
  12. First of all pull out the little black hot start/air/idle screw knob on the left side of the bike just below the fuel tank and behind the left radiator. It pulls out about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. Push down on the kick start until theres some resistance and then giver a good boot. Mine never starts on the first kick but two or three should do it. It will almost never start if you dont pull out the black knob. Push it back in after 30 seconds or so. Use that knob to adjust your idle speed. If your bike is warm you will have to use the knob to start it again. Good luck, I'm sure someone else will explain it better than I did though. My bike came with a manual.
  13. That's awesome man! Have you checked into the Devils Lake race school? It helped me a ton when I started racing last year. I have the same bike but in blue, what number are you gonna be? See you out there.
  14. How does the home made shorty sound? That's cool!
  15. The racing school is June 2nd. $75 for the day. All the info is on the Aotmx website. Hopefully we'll see you there.
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