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  1. Sipe3

    Chad Reed GOAT SX rider

    I don't know about all that. But, damn Reed has no quit in him. Every time I think he should hang up his goggles, he proves me wrong. Great ride.
  2. Sipe3

    2017 Supercross San Diego Bench Racing

    Yes, Adderall... It's commonly used throughout the industry.
  3. Sipe3

    2017 Supercross San Diego Bench Racing

    Well you really don't know what you're talking about. That's okay tho.... <sarcasm> That red machine looked damn good through the whoops. Nice and stable.
  4. Yes... He looked fast and more importantly comfortable on a new bike and with a new team. If he gets "better" it will be ugly for the rest of the field. All this being said. A-1 is over, I think it's time to canx the rest of the indoors and head to the great outdoors while everyone is still healthy.
  5. Sipe3

    Let's talk apps....

    Okay. What is everyone using to track thier rides? I'm currently using "map my ride" for my rides. It was free (I can afford free) and works pretty well for what I use it for. Anyways, using it via IPhone 6s. Problem is the app drains the hell out of the battery. I make sure I start with the battery fully charged. But, when I hit around 25 miles the battery is about dead or goes into saving mode which basically stops the app and hence tracking my ride. My question.... Are all apps like this? Are there ones easier on the battery? What is everyone using? Thanks.
  6. Sipe3


    Hey folks. Need a good recommendation for a battery for my boys 230. I'm tired of buying "cheap" batteries that don't last. Help.
  7. Sipe3

    2016 Tennessee MX Bench Racing

    Finally some decent racing. ET may just may be getting that green thing dialed in and more confident. Hopefully that does not equal a dirt nap.
  8. Sipe3

    Stewart has a chance

    I don't no bba. He comes across on tv pretty well. And remember fans have very short term memories. Hell I thought RC had no place in the booth. And yet..... Time will tell.
  9. Sipe3

    Canard Out oh H.P.

    Ha. I'm assuming they have figured out a way he can run with a O2 tank....
  10. Sipe3

    Canard Out oh H.P.

    Here we go again. Seems to be a normal year for MX. Injuries are thinning the field and could make for less than exciting racing.
  11. Sipe3

    ZRoczen 23-1 Season?

    No he won't....
  12. Sipe3

    Wheels are coming off the Diesel

    I understand what you're saying here. But racing is racing. If you go by the logic above some of RD's championships truly deserve asterisks. Some of the fastest riders were out due to injuries leaving RD racing a "weakened" field.
  13. Sipe3

    Anderson and altitude

    Yes. Seems Steak and mac and cheese the week prior and donut the night before the race works. Maybe paint his graphics yellow. Seriously... Not real sure... There has got to be some preventive measures to be had to at least hold it off.
  14. Sipe3

    Sorry To Keep You Waiting

    I don't think Tomac fans should be worried. Surely they have to believe he isn't going to win the series by now (I have). He will be competitive though. Kind of off subject here. ET knows he greatest weakness. Starts. Plagued him in the SX series and now MX. Geez... Fix the problem. You have the team and resources behind you. I don't get it.
  15. Sipe3

    Wheels are coming off the Diesel

    Not sure I totally agree with this. I see your point. However, interview after interview RV seemed to be burnt out. His heart just wasn't into it anymore. I don't necessarily think this was due to RD and the pace he was riding at, IMO I believe he was ready to step away and enjoy life while he still could. JS should take note.