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  1. Bones_GSXR

    ATK riders?

    I have 2 (3 if you count the one I ride and maintain for a friend) a 95 and a 99 both 605's. My 95 is set up as a SM and weighed in at 290lbs full of fuel and made 56.2 hp at the rear wheel. The forum at ATK is no longer the active forum. try this: http://atkmotorsports.com/atkbb/index.php?sid=4d30b15b820b7f59ad967e4a734b504c
  2. I have a e-line Dual Sport kit and need to know if the white or brown wire that plugs into the KTM headliht plug is Pos and Neg. Not using on a KTM and wiring direct. E-line is not open till Mon. Thanks
  3. Bones_GSXR

    Ohlins SM forks

    Ohlins does not make anything for these forks, axles, spacers, triples.
  4. Bones_GSXR

    Ohlins SM forks

    I had Dirt Tricks make custom inserts for their Adj Offset Triples 14,16,18,20mm I just need help with the axle and spacers
  5. Bones_GSXR

    Ohlins SM forks

    Anyone using them? I need to set them up for a KTM front end. Need a Axle and Spacers but as I am in Alaska a good Machinist is hard to come by.
  6. Bones_GSXR

    What Master Cylinder you guys using with BRAKING set up?

    Had the Brakeing SM caliper on my DRZ and used the Brembo Radial 16x18 Master. Using the same one on my new build with a Brembo Billet Caliper.
  7. Bones_GSXR

    SM tire, need a tire that works on gravel to

    The Distanza's are the same tread as the Distanza Dual Sport (70% on 30% off) but a soft compound. I have ridden then on Gravel and they are okay. Only "Large Lug" out until Dunlop releases the tires from the Buell.
  8. Bones_GSXR

    ATK 605, CCM 604, or maybe a 640ADV?

    Spotted your post on ATKs forum as well but I'll respond here. I have a 95 ATK as well. You can find the 96 and up 605's on CycleTrader.com often. The only problem with them is the size of the Tank. The 94-95 has a Larger tank than the 96 up. They also switched to Paoli forks and Ohlins rear Shocks on the 98 and up. ATK is a better Dual sport than the LC4 Adventure model. If you want a KTM Dual Sport look to the regular LC4. I would stay away from the CCM as parts might be hard to come by. Not that this is easy with a ATK.
  9. Bones_GSXR

    Trail Tech 8" HID for GASGAS 300 -06

    I like the Dual HID from Baja Designs: https://www.bajadesigns.com/
  10. Bones_GSXR

    1996 ATK 605 dual-sport worth?

    The 96 has WP front and rear. The Later 605's used Paoli forks and Ohlins rear. Rotax parts are easy to come by and can make power with little to no stress. I have a 670 kit on the way as well as a 860 cam and high rev springs. Can you say 65hp and same weight as a DRZ400?
  11. Bones_GSXR

    Has anyone got one of these!!

    Pro Moto Billet makes a real nice rack.
  12. Bones_GSXR

    black tank

    I have bothe the 3.2 and 4.0 IMS tanks (in Black) and they fit on the S and E just fine. My frame is a S and comes with the brackets for both the E and S.
  13. Bones_GSXR

    High capacity fuel tank for DR-Z400SM

    had a Black IMS 4.0 on mine for the last year and had no problems with it. Fit was great. Now running a IMS 3.2 as the 4.0 was big for the track.
  14. Bones_GSXR

    DRZ400SM Steering Damper

    On my 04 SM I am running the Fastways handguards with a built int Scotts/GPR mount (I run the Scotts) Great system and saved my hands and the Brembo Radial when I went down at the track this weekend. No damage exept I think they should make the filler cap smaller on the IMS tanks, Good thing I am old and am not planning on having amy more kids. Only hurts when I laugh though. ouch ouch ouch ouch
  15. Bones_GSXR

    Gear ratios? RMZ vs. CRF

    How do they compare? Can't find on the net. I know its 4 vs 5 speed. RMZ450 vs CRF450 vs CRF450X. Our Racing is all Asphalt no dirt. More Roadracing. I run a DRZ400 now. 2.5mi course. Help would be nice.