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  1. My wife and son are doing (her) a family thing that weekend and I was thinking of taking a quick trip to hatfield that weekend. I know cold, but still riding. Any ways I'm on a ktm 450 or 200 dirt bike depending on how I feel. So I'm looking for fast sport quad riders or bikes to join. I'll arrange boarding. I ride at good clip most of the time, and have done every trail at rock house, pinnacle and most of little coal river. I love single track but if sport quads were with I'd adjust routes. Great rides during the day and dinner and tall tales in the evening....... I'm coming from warrenton va and can haul up to 9 quads on my gn and 4 adults in my multiple tv equipped gmc 3500;). Or I can meet there. Whatever's good. I usually stay with penny samons, big screen TVs, Internet, washer dryer, POSH to say the least. Let me know. I'd love to make some new riding buddies! Steve 540 222 6245 Goinmxn@ gmail.com
  2. goinmxn

    GNCC - WV this coming weekend?

    How does the format work? Do bikes race sat and sunday or just one? I really want to try one of these and know nothing about the format etc. I race motocross and am clueless about GNCC. Any camping here, like for a fithwheel? Fill me in, I might be there!!!!! Thanks!
  3. Well here goes, I have been out of racing for about 6 years, still rode alot, didn't race and I would like to get back into racing. All my buddies I raced with are tied up now with families etc. What I have to offer is this, 3 tracks on my property, outdoor, turns only and arenacross. I have my own excavation equipment, so maintaining is easy, as well as changing things around. I just need someone to practice with, and race with. I am 39 now, I run a 2010 crf 250 and a 2008 ktm 450 in vet classes as well as 250 450 b classes. I would like to practice once a week, and hit some practice tracks on weekends occasionally. I could race 1-2 weekends a month, more if I really had someone to go with.... My son is 9 now and really isn't showing alot of interest in mx, hoping maybe to find a buddy for him to. Anyways feel free to call me if you are interested. I live in Rapppahannock County about an hour from DC. Steve 540-222-6245
  4. goinmxn

    check this bike out

    Um, I don't have words to describe that.......
  5. goinmxn

    Picking up my 2010 this week

    Mine is sitting in my garage, 6417.00 OTD here in VA. My dealer wont have another one for a while. I haven't even put gas in mine yet..... I just finished putting the 250x back together with all kinds of goodies and have to break both of them in now. Poor me
  6. I'm putting my 04' 250x back together tomorrow and would like some advice on jetting. I have the jd kit, stage 1 hotcam, 13.5-1 piston, full jardine exhaust, open air box, new valves etc. This bike did not run when I got it and I am assuming its jetting is stock. What would you guy suggest for jetting? Any help is appreciated! Steve
  7. goinmxn

    Post Your Rides

    I like to collect vehicles! 1991 CRX Si 954 RR, Dodge diesel in the back ground, 408 hp and 872 ftlbs torque to the wheels! Still gets 18mpg! Wifeys 4runner and toy hauler in back ground Toyhauler tows the Toy Rig (37' triple slide KZ Sportsman Sportster) 04 dbl cab solid axle swapped supercharged, abused regularly in rocks! When a 450 retires! Don't have it anymore, but I still love the way it looked! I don't have pics of my 05 450, I am picking up my 2010 CRF 250 Friday, looking forward to racing again this coming year. Not included are my Honda Rinny and the Limited Edition Yamaha FXHO waverunner. Now If I could find a little more spare time to play.....
  8. goinmxn

    Private Track Rental?????

    Thanks for the link. It will be a business, LLC most likely My lawyer and accountant will let me know what is best. As far as my buddy, he charges for his lessons, pays no fee for the track and I take care of the insurance. He maintains the track (we share that actually as I enjoy working on the track:ride: ) and does the rebuilds. So he gets to keep 100% of his fees, has free access to the track any time, is covered legally in turn for helping me with the maintinance and being a help to drawing potential clients. I like the idea of a club. I'll give that some thought. I've located a water truck.... gotta negotiate a little now:banghead:
  9. I've been toying with this idea for a little bit and want to bounce it off of some fellow mxers. I am forunate enought to own 25 acres and have built with the help of my racing buddy 3 tracks. I have a good size supercross style (with less aggressive jumps) track with a 60 ft table. huge woop section, lots of doubles, a large rythem section with multiple jump combos and one crazy jump off to the side that can produce 141' long jumps if you have the kahones to go at it 5th wide open.... On the back part of my property I have a turns track, with just under 2 minute lap times, nothing but turns with one long sweeping turn that alows 4th wide open. I also have a 3 wide starting gate with drop pin and all. Within the turns track I have a arenacross track, tight with a mean woop section and it has two catapault type jumps and a rythem section. I am in the planning stages of putting a outdoor/gp style track through the woods. I own 3 skid steers (I have a fencing/excavating bus.), a jd bulldozer (small) and a kubota 45hp tractor all that I use to build and take care of the tracks. My freind I race with (A rider who rode pro for a while) teaches private classes out here every so often, and he is also the one who builds and rebuilds the tracks. He has an insane ability to get jump take off and landing pithces perfect. His jumps are always dead on. He can make them hard as crap or easy. He is a dirt crew forman for a consruction company so he is very efficent on the machines. I can have all three machines running in one weekend and completely rearrange a track in 2 days. My idea is to rent my place, including a 5th wheel trailer with 3 slides for a weekend, (friday night to sunday evening) so you could stay on my property, and ride all weekend, with the option of lessons from a pro rider. I already have insurance quotes, and my lawyer has addressed the liability issue when we started the lessons with my friend. The only equipment I lack is a water truck. Sometimes the dust is brutal. I would keep this low key, no advertising, just word of mouth amongst racers. Let me know what you guys think, shoot ideas at me, whatever..... Thanks
  10. goinmxn

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Finished mine! 03 450, retire mx bike. Steve
  11. My daily driver, weekend wheeler, 2004 sas, supercharged, arbs, 9k warn, full of audio/video goodies, 14" fox coilovers, fun driver!!
  12. Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up. I'm converting my 03 YZ450 that was collecting dust in the garage (I race a 05 CRF 450 right now, I Know, I need to try a 06 YZ ). The part I thought was going to be hard took ten minutes! Took my certificate of origin and bill of sale to DMV (virginia) and had a title/ registration no questions asked in ten minutes . Dakar kit is on the way with 17" excels, still deciding on tires. This is going to be a short commuter/ fun bike. If I really like it and feel the need I will do the wr 5spd conversion. Do have one question, can any one recommend a sprocket size with the 17s? I don't mind losing a little bottom end as I wont be racing this at all but don't want to have to run super high rpms for higher speeds. I thought I've seen as low as 40 tooth but no sure. I'll post up some pics as soon as it starts coming together. Steve
  13. goinmxn

    05 suspension too stiff?

    I weigh in at 160 lbs, no gear, race 250B & 4 Stroke B and found that after about 6 hours of riding the forks seemed to settle and I was able to adjust out the mid stroke harshness. I am now very happy with it and will run the season with the stock suspension. Put some time on the bike and play with the clickers, get somone to help by watching what the bike is doing while you ride and adjust accordingly, I don't think you need to spend a penny!! Just my .02....
  14. goinmxn

    100LBS lighter on landing ANY Jump

    Cool, that article explains why a panic rev can help save your rear end in a situation where you over or under jump something! Ever since I left 2 strokes I noticed that if I was in a panic rev situation my four strokes always transfered less of the impact to myself compared to my 2 stroke. About the wear and tear on the chain, what would you rather have, possibility of broken ankle or stretched chain? I've broken both my ankles, I'll change a chain any day over that.
  15. goinmxn

    My 2001 YZ426 VS. 2005 CRF450

    I made the switch from a 03 YZ450 (I've been on yamaha 4 strokes since the 98 400s), and am very pleased with my 05 Honda. Brute power, Yamaha has it, Honda is just plain smooth and easy to ride, feels lighter in turns and in the air, feels narrower, can't say enough good things about it. You will be happy with a CRF, but don't forget to look at the 05 Yamaha, it is much easier to get along with now compared to the 426... just a thought.