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  1. So bike had 95 main and 35 pilot... did some head work on the stock head. Runs rich. We have worked down from thr 95 main (before head mods) all the way down to 78main, still 35 pilot and she's STILL running rich, even without the air filter. Ideas? I suspect there may be an issue with the float needle adjustment?!?!!? Help... been dealing with this for a long time and I have another race this Saturday!!
  2. yeah... I wanna know what's been done to the bike to hit 102 sitting up. course when I want to go over a ton, I am on a different bike.:-)
  3. that's not speed... that is a stealth am/FM radio. 102.0 WTFN where the hits just keep on coming. :-) :-) :-) WTFN - What Fun
  4. here's a video that might help you out.... Can't figure out how to post the video in the message so here's a link to youtube.com Fast forward to 0:33 to get right to it...
  5. I would be more concerned about him losing his mirrors the first time he lays her down.
  6. huh very surprised I love the contrast of the red on your machine for some reason. I usually do not like it but it loks great on yours.
  7. There are 2 options. The base level is a regular setup with MSRP at $6999. The Dual Clutch Technology (DCT) and ABS version is MSRP$8999. So far I love what I have seen but only a test ride will tell me what I need to know. I am VERY interested in the base model as I prefer to have a friction zone and the DCT does away with the clutch lever completely not to mention I loath ABS. The DCT works like a race bike with a little button to push in MT mode.
  8. What would you charge to do a set of wheel for my 08 drz400sm?
  9. I knew I couldn't be the only goldwing owner who has turned the drz into a mini wing!!! Good on ya! I was surprised to see a gerbing setup. I did not think the drz had that much power available. How is everything working out and what other mods have you done? The rear sprockets... with the stock chain... what is the smallest and largest sprocket you have been able to run (sm wheels, not dirt) without going to longer / shorter chain? Okay - that last pic... here's what I want to do. Extend the back of the seat so the kid has a bit more room. Ideas?
  10. Something else to mention -- aside from the grip itself... the bigger the lever, the less force require to move mass. The bigger grip gives a machanical advantage so it's actually EASIER (or takes less effort) to twist the throttle to begin with. So, bigger grip = less force need to twist throttle AND easier on the hand to grip the grip. Riders with small hands may not see a positive, but a negative result though!
  11. Do you ride a street bike? Many riders complain of the throttle hand going numb or loosing sensation because they are holding on so tightly they are cutting off circulation. A bigger grip is easier to hold onto. Think of a 2-liter of coke with a very tight cap. Try to unscrew it. Then think of a normal jar of jelly or jam with a tight lid and try to unscrew it. Basic physics tyells us the larger lid is easier to manipulate. Another view - we run bigger tires to get more contact patch, which gives more traction, which allows more power to be used. The bigger grip is the same concept. Due to an increase in radius, thus an increase in friction between you rhand and the grip, LESS force is required to maintain a hold on said grip. Hope that helps, if not... go to your local motorcycle dealer and compare a dirt grip to a street grip (better to compare if the grips are actually on a bike!)
  12. and that's why allinfo is subjective. I am an expert rider, street, not dirt.The smaller the grip, the more grip strength is required to hold on. The larger the grip, the less grip strength is required to hold on (to a point). Cheap option to test a bigger grip, get a set of the foam grip puppies and put them on top of your existing grips. This will give you a bigger grip. Ride it for a bit and see how it feels. If it is a good solution, rock on. If you still want to go with a bigger grip, then look at getting the kury iso grips or something similar.
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