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  1. bowhunter007

    Pot & Riding

    Been on a number of rides, where guys got stoned during a break. On most slo-go pleasure rides...hasn't been a problem in my eyes. As another poster pointed out, it affects everyone differently. Look at it like this...many closet stoners hid their love of weed from all but an exclusive core group. Many people who weren't known to smoke, now smoke/use openly. Now that it isn't going put them in prison, many have come "out"...so to speak. I've been around drugs in general my whole life, and chose not to partake. As long as someone else's "habits" don't affect the "group" I see no reason to bitch. This is a very "hot" topic for some folk...for & against. Just my personal opinion, as one who does not smoke pot.
  2. bowhunter007

    Being properly prepared for Gifford/gnar

    This is just one example of "my" solo kit. A comfortable weekend, while carting along a bit less than 25 extra pounds.
  3. bowhunter007

    Being properly prepared for Gifford/gnar

    I'm all about carrying my own kit, on any ride. I've broken away from a couple of groups that tolerate asshat behavior. However, in a trustworthy group...the divide & conquer mentality can save carrying extra weight. Spread the load. Avoid carrying double even triple quantities of the same tools, parts, and/or equipment.
  4. bowhunter007

    Low/casual dirt boots/shoes

    All jokes aside...I'm in the wear "real" boots camp. Some of our PNW riding can be extremely remote. Included in my kit...a light pair of slip-on shoes. Few hikes suck worse than walking for miles in mx boots.
  5. bowhunter007

    PNW Rain

    Ditto, with other repsonders...ride, and get wet. I do carry very cheap packable rain gear. If/when I do stop for longer than a quick "call of nature" I put on the rain gear to maintain my core temp. The pants are zip up the leg type. Easy to put with riding boots. The jacket is at least XXL(I ain't exactly tiny) to ensure I can quickly/easily put it on over my gear. Another option to "keep warm" is an inexpensive poncho. Most of the time not needed, however...
  6. bowhunter007

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    The cliche that comes to mind..."I got your back...waaaay back" ride slow, ride steadily on cleared trails. Just kidding. I don't mind "breaking trail" as long as those that follow make an effort to help. These days, I'm the one making an effort to keep up.
  7. bowhunter007

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    That's a very cool area. It's a fantastic ADV camping trip area. I love doing a 2-3 day trips with my 525, as trail/road options blow wide open. Gotta carry or stash fuel ahead of time. I paid a buddy to pick up empty gas cans after our last trip, in the area. Always an adventure when you ride out, not haul out.
  8. I've run many D606s on a DR650(30k miles). I've run them on a plated 2 stroke. Currently on my 2nd set on a 2005 525 I bought just over a year ago. They are "pretty good" over a pretty drastic change in terrain. IMHO regulation of tire pressure is the key. They won't be great...anywhere. They are pretty cheap, easy to get. I like 'em and I'll continue running them regardless of how many people online say I'm crazy. My own riding companions say my tires are crap. Yet, I seem to keep up just fine. On road...I've laid over my 525 until the outer knobs slip. I've run them up to triple digit speed...maybe[emoji56] If you only trail ride, they're way more/better options. If you need/want DOT tires...the price & availability are tough to beat.
  9. bowhunter007

    TigerTanker Open Invitational Aug 18/19th Middle Fork Ahtanum

    Carry some premix oil. Have TT put the "big" tank on the 450. If you can convince him to bring it.
  10. bowhunter007

    Rebuild before Sale

    I'd prefer a "good/great" running bike with new parts included. With 400 hrs, I'm going to open it up, anyway. If I'm buying a bike with lots of hours/mileage... 1. I'm not in a hurry. 2. There'd have to be a specific reason for buying that bike. 3. It's going to be completely torn down. 4. While the suspension is out for service, I can install the new top end and I can inspect the engine/chassis for any other needed parts/services.
  11. bowhunter007

    Items stolen in TSF

    I never use the "staging" lots at Capitol Forest. I park somewhere with a trail nearby. Throw my tamp in the brush...leave nothing in view that says "trail rider". The premise...My rig looks like every other local pickup whose owner carries more high capacity mags than teeth.
  12. bowhunter007

    For those that slack on safety.... sometimes.

    That's why you wear a long sleeved under shirt. You trim up the sleeves evenly, till it's sleeveless. That is...if/when you forget to carry turd tickets. Had to explain to my wife when a city girl marries a hillbilly...she'd have to learn backward thinkin'.
  13. bowhunter007

    Mt Clifty Flag Issue

    How 'bout we let this baby fade into TT obscurity.
  14. bowhunter007

    Mt Clifty Flag Issue

    Naw...I gots other things doin'. Grandkids take up most of my time, these days[emoji2]
  15. bowhunter007

    Mt Clifty Flag Issue

    Damn, that was fun!