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  1. yz250smokin

    frame swaps ? is it possible

    gday i have a 2004 yz 250 blinged right up everything i want but i want the new style of frame but without buying a new bike and starting all the modifying again can i get around a 2006-2009 frame and swap the old/new frame over or is everything different cheers
  2. yz250smokin

    yz 250 how to change rims

    hi all looking at some new rims to put on my yz250 how hard is it to take off the old rim and replace with a new 1 , or is it worth taking it into a shop . thanks
  3. yz250smokin

    are boyesen supercooler kits worth the $$$$ ?

    thanks for all the opinions i dont think its worth buying a boyesen supercooler if i already have oversize radiators il save up some $$ and put it towards new tires and a pc pipe
  4. yz250smokin

    are boyesen supercooler kits worth the $$$$ ?

    my bike isnt over heating i was just wondering how other people got on i put some 40mm oversize radiators on and they seem to cool it down a bit
  5. hi everyone i was looking for things to buy for my 08 yz 250 and i came across the boyesen supercooler kit and i have heard lots about them and alot of good reviews . i was just wondering has anyone else had them on there yz's and rekon they are worth the $$ i do alot of dune riding and thought it might be interesting to try out cheers
  6. yz250smokin

    pro circuit or fmf? yz 250

    was thinking i might upgrade my exhaust system on my yz 250 i currently have a stock pipe to a pro circuit factory sound, i was going to put a pro circuit platinum2 pipe on it seeing that it already had a pro circuit muffler. but i have been looking and its and extra 60-80 bucks to get a muffler aswell eg. platinum2 -factory sound or a fmf fatty to a powercore2 , so which one would be the best bottom end power but still good top end
  7. yz250smokin

    yamaha yz 250 project

    done 9 hours on it in a couple of days only problem i had was it not engaging into fifth it feels like the chain is jumping then it goes into neutral then slams back into fifth im suspecting a bent shift fork or a dog? maybe will check next top end rebuild if i dont sell before then
  8. yz250smokin

    yamaha yz 250 project

  9. yz250smokin

    yamaha yz 250 project

    also need a expansion chamber mount got lost in the process in 1 shop to another then to me not a decent effort cause that was the only thing missing ;D
  10. yz250smokin

    yamaha yz 250 project

    its also got a pro circuit factory sound muffler and retread tires ( were on it when i got it , will be changing soon if i keep it) also will be changing the bars and airbox
  11. yz250smokin

    yamaha yz 250 project

    left side all painted and fairly well cleaned
  12. yz250smokin

    yamaha yz 250 project

    when the motor was apart the : connecting rod was changed ( pro x ) selector fork completley new barrel namura piston water pump all gaskets new crank bearings and seals also put on a new pipe ( stock 1 ) other parts i got were twin air filter , tripple clamps of a 09 model custom graphics new plastics all round new grips front brake lever steering head bearings while bike was apart took every bearings out and greased trailtech hour metre and a few other bits and pieces painted up and cleaned up. here she is with most of the graphics on...
  13. yz250smokin

    yamaha yz 250 project

    hi everyone i got this bike a while back for a project bike its a 04 model when i got it it had : teknik suspension , black wheels , new chain and sprockets i got the motor in bits and had been completley dissambled because 5th gear went and it looked liked this
  14. yz250smokin

    cr 250 or yz 250

    thanks for all the help im heading towards the way of selling my yz for 4000 ( im in australia) and i found a 07 cr with a recent rebuild new tires and fmf fatty pipe and spend a bit on it do i get it towards were i like it
  15. yz250smokin

    cr 250 or yz 250

    yer found a couple for sale recently haha my mate has a 09 yz 250 and i wasnt that impressed and i loved my old 95 model cr 250 but havent heard to much good about the 07 crs but u will never know till you try one your self ey?