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  1. I think the biggest answer in this video is roczen smiling, like, dude of course the Yamaha is a POS, everyone knows that!
  2. MrN2OBelvedere

    Marvin doesnt play backup rider

    MM was Dungeys bitch for years, what makes you think anything has changed now?
  3. MrN2OBelvedere

    He'll yeah CW2!! Bonus KTM!!

    It's one of my bikes, yeah. It's a badass two stroke I been swinging faithfully for a few years so I'm glad it's paying off...
  4. MrN2OBelvedere

    NBC sports SUCKS!!

    Same here too. I been on it ever since it was available a few years back for Moto. Now with it being on sx too it's even better.
  5. MrN2OBelvedere

    He'll yeah CW2!! Bonus KTM!!

    CW2 has found his groove, what a ride! I've been saying it for years, the man has what it takes, he's no fluke. All the others out there are officially fighting for 2nd. Also, KTM 1-2-3 hell yeah! I mean we all know they're good but damn they're really good!
  6. MrN2OBelvedere

    TV schedule

    Man this app is great... watching live now and the racing is great!
  7. MrN2OBelvedere

    TV schedule

    I cut the cord from cable years ago. I use a firestick these days and with Netflix and Amazon I get all I need
  8. MrN2OBelvedere

    TV schedule

    Gotcha sucker!!! Just kidding I think you made the right call. I actually put this up on my 130" projector screen and it is awesome
  9. MrN2OBelvedere

    TV schedule

    Watch it live with the app
  10. MrN2OBelvedere

    TV schedule

    When it comes to politics, I agree, but they are good for the coverage of mx and sx
  11. MrN2OBelvedere

    TV schedule

    So you think NBC helping to televise the series isn't supporting our sport? I've been subscribing for years and love it
  12. MrN2OBelvedere

    TV schedule

    Yes, this is a great deal and if you really want to support the sport this is a great way to do it.
  13. MrN2OBelvedere

    TV schedule

  14. MrN2OBelvedere

    Who eats crow

  15. MrN2OBelvedere

    Who eats crow

    I'd tend to agree, but Webb's not riding a whale anymore and therefore can't literally take up all that space!