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  1. Nixonnow

    guys show me your kawasakis

    Ouch. Poor bike. Oh and hope you were ok after that one. Looks like a wicked crash. Lol I like how even after its wrecked you put the exhaust plug in. Lol.
  2. Nixonnow

    Who's Your Favourite Retired Racer?

    For me gonna have to be Jeff Emig. And another that wasn't all that great but I liked watching him...David Vuillemin.
  3. Hmmmm. I don't recall bitching or bashing on dirtbikes. Why would i? I own one and love it. But thanks for the un-welcomed advice davidhar. Was merely trying to make a point. No need for everyone's panties to get twisted. Bit I can obviously see everyone's opinion on atv's is going to stay the same. My apologies for interrupting your guys quad bashing thread. Hahah. Have at it boys.
  4. So all you quad haters that think quad riding takes zero skill are sadly mistaken. I own both a quad and a dirtbike and have ridden both all my life. I don't claim to be a pro on either one by a long shot. But it takes skills to get on a quad and rip around and take whoops and jump and so forth. Just as it also takes skills to get on a dirtbike and ride. Each has there own. Just cause you can ride a dirtbike doesn't mean riding a quad is a piece of cake. And just cause you can ride a quad doesn't mean you can ride a dirtbike. I've read this thread and all I see are haters who don't like something just cause it doesn't appeal to them. Just cause its not what they do. Or what they like to do. It's ridiculous how big peoples egos are on here.
  5. Nixonnow

    Opinions on goggles?

    Utopiaoptics.com All I have ever worn. I'm sure other brands are great too. Utopia has goggles with anti fog and every other bell and whistle you can want on a pair of goggles. You will love them. Trust me.
  6. Nixonnow

    strange coolant leak right after shutdown.

    Yes that makes sense. Thanks guys.
  7. Nixonnow

    any of you use a different linkage arm?

    I'm not sure if it lowers the bike any. Sitting on my bike it feels the same height. What bike are you riding?
  8. Nixonnow

    strange coolant leak right after shutdown.

    Ok. I didn't know 15-20 seconds is all it took to boil over. Well I guess that explains it. thank you. I have seen it leak a little coolant on warm up. But that took a couple minutes.
  9. Nixonnow

    any of you use a different linkage arm?

    No prob. You will love it if you get it.
  10. So I went riding my 2006 kx450f today for probably a half hour and when I was pulling back up to my house I was fumbling around for my garage door opener while my bike was idling. This was probably 15-20 seconds. Got the garage open and then shut the bike off and pushed it into garage. After I got her on her stand I looked back outside on the driveway and saw about a shot glass worth of coolant on the driveway in a line exactly where I turned the bike around right after shutting it off. Thought this was strange. So I waited for the bike to cool down and then opened the radiator cap and the coolant was still full and above the fins. So why did it do this? Did it have too much coolant in it to begin with? And why after 30 mins of riding did it do this, not during. By the way it was probably 85-90 degrees when I was riding. And i run engine ice coolant.
  11. Nixonnow

    any of you use a different linkage arm?

    I've got a procircuit rear linkage on my kawi 450f and love it. Plushness is all I feel. Lol.
  12. Nixonnow

    Octane booster. Anyone use it?

    When I fill up my 5 gal cans I put 2.5 gal of 110 and 2.5 gal of 91. Runs fine.
  13. Nixonnow


    I have directv also and I saw those messages lastnight while watching nat geo and was kinda bummed. Hopefully they reach some sort of agreement soon.
  14. Nixonnow

    Best full synthetic oil in 09 yz450f?

    Anyone have an opinion on maxima extra 4? It's what I was planning on using. Opinions?
  15. Nixonnow

    A Moto version of PLANKING

    This thread is awesome. Hilarious pics.