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  1. Kalashnikov

    buying 2005 250, am I missing anything?

    I ordered EG295 kit a few weeks back, damn holiday shipping. When i get mine going you can try mine out if you want.
  2. Kalashnikov

    buying 2005 250, am I missing anything?

    Man that RM has got to be a blast at estreet. Can't wait to get my RM295 going.
  3. I don't get it...How could any manufacture that contributes to off road riding by producing off road bikes be ruining the sport? If anything KTM has saved off road riding. Bike sales have improved with KTM blazing new territory. I am anti Honda though. Talk about an expensive, underengineered pos. Honda has done very little to further their bike developement and they vowed to never make a 2 stroke engine again. Not even a 2 stroke weed eater. Stick that in your dual pipes and smoke it.
  4. Kalashnikov

    Yamahalube in 2013 KTM 250SXF

    Oil turns black from contamination (fuel).
  5. Kalashnikov

    SXF-350 oil consumption

    10% oil loss is not normal and you cant do a compression test on 350 or any 4T mx bike.
  6. Well the decision has been made for me. The RM seized today on the dyno. So it looks like I'll be riding the 350. BTW the RM made 39hp compared to the 40hp the 350 made.
  7. Ok guys you decide which bike I should race this Sunday. I will film it of course with my Contour HD and post some or all of it for you all to watch. It will be a cross country race in the B open class. The track will be sand, sand and more sand. Most likely dryish sand since we havent had any rain yet. I'm not in contention for a championship or anything otherwise I wouldn't be switching bikes 4 days before a race. Okay now the bikes: 2012 KTM 350 SXF or 2004 RM250. I won't get into which bike has what let's just say the 350 is my race bike and is what I'm used to and the RM is not. So reply with your vote and I'll race the bike that is chosen.
  8. Kalashnikov

    Will a 2009 kawi 450f motor fit into my 2009 kawi 250f frame?

    A cummins will.
  9. Kalashnikov

    KTM 350SXF - 365 2nd post

    That would make the bike turn quicker not slower.
  10. Kalashnikov

    2012 KTM 250SXF trade question...

    Gotta disagree here. Almost no amount of money will turn a YZ125 into a 150 killer. Skill level aside, The 150 makes 40hp stock, the YZ makes 34.
  11. Kalashnikov

    KYB PSF on KTM 350sxf

    or swap lugs over.
  12. Kalashnikov


    I have 182 hours of pro class hare scramble racing on my KTM 350 SXF using nothing but olive oil. Never had a single issue. But it has to be regular olive oil, none of that pansy ass extra virgin olive oil.
  13. Kalashnikov


    Yup riding it like a puss.
  14. Kalashnikov


    KTM told you what weight oil to use not me. If you knew anything at all about engines and oils you certainly wouldn't be using the wrong weight. But whatever floats your boat. Continue using diesel oil in your dirt bike.