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  1. customss

    '13 clutch pull issues?

    did you remove the judder springs? once I did that the pull was better and shorter which made it easier, guys are also re-routing the clutch cable to straighten out the sharp angle
  2. customss

    Problem with used gear buy, opinions?

    if you wear size 32-34 pant xl jersey, and xl gloves, I will send you a set of fly racing gear that has been worn maybe 5 times.
  3. I sit hear recovering from a torn Achilles tendon wondering if I should go back to mx. I have been out of work for 9 weeks now and probably 4-8 more weeks depending on rehab, so that weighs on the mind, but today I made it out to the local mx track to watch one of the bigger local races and smelling the race gas and seeing my buddies again makes me itch to get back out there. The wife wants me to stop racing, her reasons are valid, but its hard for her to understand the feeling of riding and lining up on the gate for a race, once you have tasted that its hard to leave it.
  4. customss

    Knee braces? Invest?

    and he had braces on, it is very difficult for any brace to prevent a torn knee due to the twisting of the foot, knee braces are great for side to side load and front to back forces.
  5. customss

    whats my 13 worth

    thanks guys, if i don't get what i want for it I will just keep it for trail riding, not the best bike for it but it will do
  6. customss

    whats my 13 worth

    bike has 11hrs on it, i tore my achilles tendon and wont be riding mx anymore, what do you guys think i could get for it? only extras are hammerhead case saver, shifter, a skid plate, tall seat, lower foot peg brackets, have the stock seat, cover, and peg brackets.
  7. customss

    2013 crf 450 hard starting

    man thats weird, mine starts 1-3 kicks when below 40* and usually 1-2 kicks now, hope you get it fixed that would piss me off
  8. customss

    does the '13 suffer from gas in the oil?

    i have been seeing 10-15cc of fuel in oil after 3hrs, this is my 3rd change after the break in change and it has been consistent at 10-15 cc gain
  9. customss

    2013 crf 450 hard starting

    silly ? but are you pulling out the "choke knob" on the throttle body when starting? mine wont start when cold without it pulled out
  10. customss

    anyone with a rekluse in a 13?

    thank you!
  11. looking at the exp but they dont list it for the 13, i have an email in to rekluse, but does anyone have one? and part #?
  12. customss


    almost all my stuff has come usps and i have never had an issue, i have also shipped alot of items with them without issue, maybe i just have been lucky
  13. customss

    Suspension clickers question

    my guess is you are not running enough air in the front fork causing bottoming and to ride low in the stroke causing harshness. dont get stuck on say 33 psi, try different pressures to feel what is right for you, all guages will not read the same, so your 33 might be 31-32 or 34-35, you need to find the # that works for you on your guage. just my 2 cents.
  14. customss

    2013 CRF 450 is a holeshot monster

    +25 c class, and yes it looks weird because the outside is alot wider than the line i took to the inside, plus im not that good and i smoked these guys( Ive only been on a bike for 14 months now)
  15. customss

    Anyone using 11-12 forks instead of PSF

    what did FC charge to do the rear shock, and how was the turn around time?