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  1. Tacpayne

    09 kx250f cams and valve recommendation

    This will be my son's (15) primary practice bike for starting to race. He has rode his whole life but never raced.
  2. We have a 2009 kx250f that some valve noise is driving us nuts on. We know the valves are close to needing replacement so I've decided to go ahead with new valves springs, cams etc. I have read a lot about the stock cams producing a lot of power compared to other cams. I'm not really knowledgeable on the 4 stroke aftermarket parts so I want some suggestions.
  3. Tacpayne

    Valve noise advice

    I thought about the spun cam last night. Looking at it, I can say it's possible its off some, but not a lot. I just had the head serviced prior to putting it back on. I personally didn't take the valves out, but am planning on it tomorrow. Advanced machining suggested the timing was off. I'll be checking it over good tomorrow and possibly just ordering new valves and cams if I don't find anything that fixes it or satisfies me Oh and the timing chain and tension are both new
  4. Tacpayne

    09 kx250f wont start

    Use the second line, already been there done that
  5. Tacpayne

    Dropped half circlip in crankcase

    I have done this before and it works well
  6. Tacpayne

    Valve noise advice

    From what I could tell when I got the bike, it was just not taken care of. According to the previous owner it started making a big noise, and still running when he parked it. He took the head off for inspection and found the bad cam journal. Anytime you crack open a tore up motor and it has fresh oil it it, it usually means they didn't service it like they should and finally thought to after the damage was done. The previous owner was a fairly new rider who bought the bike to ride with friends. When we first put it back together I ran in in the garage for a while and took the valve cover back off to make sure there was a good oil supply to the cams, and everything appeared lubed fine. I am new to working on 4 stroke bikes, but have worked on plenty car engines, and 2 strokes in my life. The tick is what has me baffled at the moment. We are going to go back and retime the motor, and just triple check everything that has been done at this point. I have seen quite a few videos of this same year bike making the same noise, but I have yet to find a person that ever posted what the problem was. Hopefully we find it today...
  7. Tacpayne

    Valve noise advice

    We have a 2009 kx250f, and bought the bike with a damaged cam journal. Our original plan was to do an af 2 stroke conversion but after getting the bike we decided to fix it. I sent the head to advanced machining in PA for repairs. He fixed the cam journal and serviced the valves. He did tell me we were close to needing to replace the intake valves on the bike. Since he ran over schedule by over 6 weeks I decided not to wait on him to replace the valves and just keep an close check on them. After putting the bike back together we had a definite tick. Originally we thought it was the timing chain, since it had 1 spot it binded some. We replaced the chain and tensioner to no avail. I put my mechanics stethoscope on it and it is clearly coming from the intake valves, which I promptly rechecked the clearance and came up with .13, which is within specs. Now I'm trying to figure out what to do, should we park it and replace the valves? I haven't been able to reach advanced with the holidays to speak with him. I attached a video where you can hear the noise. http://s553.photobucket.com/user/Tacpayne/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151229_192313_zpsfnmbw8wy.mp4.html
  8. Tacpayne

    Kawasaki KX250 1998

    Loads of bottom end power for a 2 stroke, but a little weak on the top end of power. Hit is moderate. Great trail bike.
  9. Tacpayne

    Kawasaki KX250 (1998)


    Loads of bottom end power for a 2 stroke, but a little weak on the top end of power. Hit is moderate. Great trail bike.
  10. Tacpayne

    Kawasaki KX250 2001

    Haven't had it long enough to form an opinion
  11. Tacpayne

    Kawasaki KX250 (2001)


    Haven't had it long enough to form an opinion
  12. Tacpayne

    09 kx250f "ticking"

    The chain did have a bad spot in it yet I still have a noise. I attached a video to see what let you guys think. Any help is greatly appreciated http://s553.photobucket.com/user/Tacpayne/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151229_192313_zpsfnmbw8wy.mp4.html
  13. Tacpayne

    09 kx250f "ticking"

    As of now I think the timing chain is out of spec. I have a new chain and tensioner on order.
  14. Tacpayne

    09 kx250f "ticking"

    I'll get some video of it running tomorrow and post for reference.
  15. Tacpayne

    09 kx250f "ticking"

    So my son bought a 2009 kx250 with cam journal damage. We originally bought the back to do an af conversation with a 250 2 stroke motor we had. Anyway the bike was nicer than expected so we sent the head off to be repaired. We got it back and put it back together last night. It has a pretty loud ticking now. The valve lashing was set when the head was repaired but I haven't checked them to verify yet myself. My son seems convinced it's the timing chain. He pulled the cover off and rotated the engine with a ratchet. While rotation the chain gets quite a bit of slack at a certain postions as we cycle the engine. I have worked on a ton of 2 strokes and plenty of car engines but this is my first 4 stroke dirtbike build. Everything was property torqued when we installed it, including the chain tensioner. Is it possible the chain and/or tensioner needs to be replaced? Last question the top end seems a little "dry" compared to what I would expect from a car engine. There is oil up there but not as much as I expected. How "wet" is the top end usually?