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  1. Herkypilot

    How many miles does YOUR WRR have on it???

    Every since I bought an '07 BMW R1200RT, it's tough to ride my WR to work 30 miles! My son helped me out with about 200 of that. I like the bike but not for long slab riding. I need more trails around where I live. HP
  2. My bike build date was 4/08. I bought from the dealer last month. I rode most of the day on tight trails in 95 deg heat. I did note it took a little more cranking to get it started if I stalled it out. I thought about this post when it took me a bit longer to get it started. The fan was running a few times so I know the engine (or coolant) was pretty hot. Herkypilot
  3. Herkypilot

    Any word on shifters yet?

    Ok, I'm in for a replacement shifter - did you buy it directly from Driven? They seem to have a dealer finder which usually means you can't buy it direct from them. Part#?, cost? Herkypilot
  4. Herkypilot

    The Tire Thread

    yes, even is important AND the direction you go does matter. Follow the owner's manual. It gives good pictures and specifies factory default settings. From there you are going to have to experiment with what works for your weight and type of riding. As for tires, after reading all these posts, I'm going to try the D606's. Herkypilot
  5. Herkypilot

    Is the dealer messing me over on the Manual?

    Thanks for the quick reply. That's about what I figured. I'll head back Monday and get the right one. Herkypilot
  6. I just bought a 2008 WR-250F and the dealer said he had to order the manual for the bike - should have it in a week. I get a call that the manual has arrived and it's ready for pick-up. I get there and they have an "owner's manual" in the plastic that has WR250XX(?). I tell the guy at the parts counter that isn't the correct manual for an "F". That's Yamaha's WR250X bike which is the Motard. This guy doesn't really know what I'm talking about but he proceeds to look it up on his computer. He finally finds it and says it can't be right because is says "Owner's/Service Manual" and it's $53.00. He says I'll have to work out a deal with the sales manager. I told him I've never bought a new bike without a manual and I didn't plan to start now! The parts guy says he'll go talk to the sales manager and figure something out. He comes back with an open plastic bag which contains an "Owner's Service Manual", the safe riding booklet, a spark plug wrench, and a spoke wrench. He tells me the manager has a box of these under his counter. I feel better now and head to the house thinking I'm all set. My question - after all that is - I look in the front cover of the manual (which doesn't have a year printed on the front) and it says: WR250FR...1st Edition, November 2002. Is this for a 2003 bike because it's printed in late 2002 - should I be concerned about the differences in this verses my 2008? Should I go back to the dealer and connect my size 10 boot with the sales manager's seat of his pants and get the 2008 manual? Thanks, Herkypilot
  7. Herkypilot

    TNT on June 29/30 for you SE TTers

    That's exit 55, I-77 S just outside of Chester, SC. I'd love to go but I'm too busy pull'n a tour out in Southwest Asia! Damn terrorists! Maybe some other time! [ June 15, 2002: Message edited by: Herkypilot ]
  8. Herkypilot

    what kinds of jobs do we all have

    Herk driver for 10 years (C-130 four engined turboprop) in the Air Nat'l Guard. Before that, Loadmaster for 4 years. Before that, Air Traffic Control Twr operator in the Army...192nd ATC Co. at Ft. Campbell, KY. Somewhere in there, four year degree in Computer Science. Database designer/implementer. Currently in the desert in Southwest Asia defending the American way for another month or so - against people who hate us just for being us but would trade places with us quicker than you can say Yamaha. Technology is a wonderful thing!! I can still check on my fellow TT'ers over here. I'm a little bumed that I'm missing some of the best riding weather in NC, but hey...all for the cause! Herkypilot
  9. Herkypilot

    oil filter(S) ?

    I don't know if you guys are talking about a new bike or not but I would change the oil a bit more frequently if new. All these bikes seem to have a good bit of metal particles in the oil for the first couple of changes. I would also recommend cleaning the oil filter for the first 4-5 times. You shouldn't have a big need to replace the filter every time...save your self some money and use it for at least 500 or so miles. I would also strongly recommend getting a magnetic drain plug. You can do a search for Mag plug and come up with some recommendations. Herkypilot
  10. Herkypilot

    How to repair small tears in seat cover???

    I was going to suggest the same as you mentioned above. That's what I used on my son's TTR.
  11. Herkypilot

    dry sump kit - save 3 lbs

    Unless your the hard core MX racer type...this certainly doesn't sound worth the trouble for 3 lbs! If you are going on 8-10 hour rides - man your motor needs the lubrication and heat transfer that all that oil provides. I would't touch a thing! P.S. Man I'm glad this site is back up...I was suffering from withdrawals! Herkypilot
  12. Herkypilot


    So does anybody have any ideas on how to de-restrict a TTR-90? Herkypilot
  13. Herkypilot

    SC, NC, GA riders...

    Well I would have been interested but I had to work this weekend. Did you guys get rained out? I'm sure it was soggy out their. Maybe next time. Herkypilot
  14. Herkypilot

    Cheap ($) Tanks

    As I stated above, I put this on my 2000 WR with slight interference with the hot start button. the FCR 2 carb is the issue. I can still use the standard hotstart but it's close/tight fit. All the hardware lined up. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THE '98/'99 TANK WILL FIT AN '00. IT'S ON MY BIKE NOW AS I WRITE THIS! Herkypilot [ February 24, 2002: Message edited by: Herkypilot ]
  15. Herkypilot

    Cheap ($) Tanks

    I have the '98/'99. The only issue I found was that on the left side, the tank came down fairly low which interfered with pulling out the hotstart button. I could still use the hotstart but it was tight. I'm thinking about the Dubach hotstart as a replacement anyway. I also bought the shrouds with the tank. I put new graphics on and wanted to start with clean shrouds. From what I remember, the '00 tank wasn't part of the clearance sale. You can do a search for Acerbis Tank on this site and you'll see more postings for this item. Later, Herkypilot