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    Need opinions on Racetech experience

    Look, thanks for the replies guys but I know for a fact it isn't wear from the spring. My linkage and swing arm have new bearings that I lubricate religiously, there is zero slop in the rear end. The inside of the spring has zero paint missing. They are brand new scratches, I wouldn't have posted this if they had been there before. It is not a different shock body. It has my RT schrader valve, sharpie marks from where I wrote the PSI amount on the reservoir, and I just replaced the upper shock bearing and it had my pink synthetic grease inside the bearing I removed. The scrapes aren't even my biggest issue, this was my first time sending out suspension to be professionally revalved and I guess I expected more. If bleeders leak shouldn't they put plugs in during shipping? I expected a phone call telling me what condition things were in, what needed to be replaced, what sort of spring rates/valving stacks they were going for, and what all of this was going to cost. You know, customer service. This was the RT shop in Corona, CA. I also realized that I wrote down .48 fork springs, but they were really .46 (the springs are Racetech brand and are marked). They sent them back with the .46's installed but the paperwork says the setup is for .48 springs. Shouldn't they have looked at the fork springs? All I'm asking is if this is typical of suspension shops or if it's unacceptable. I'm not here just to bash on RT. I spent today making sure the inner and out fork chambers had the correct amount of fluid and installed everything. I'm excited to try out the new setup at the track.
  2. jermag24

    Need opinions on Racetech experience

    I'm positive it's my shock body. It has my race tech Schrader valve and I recognize the other marks on the shock. The scrapes or over a quarter inch from the spring, i'm positive they're not from the spring rubbing. I'm guessing it's from trying to pull the shaft out of the shock without using protective jaws on the vice .
  3. jermag24

    Need opinions on Racetech experience

    No they aren't. I've ridden with that spring for a year without scratches. Those scratches appeared during revalve.
  4. I sent my suspension to Racetech for a revalve, I had already installed Gold Valves but wanted them to update the valving for my weight and riding ability. When I filled out the Service Request form I put "Please Call" on a few items I had questions about. Two days after seeing that the suspension had been delivered to them (thru UPS tracking), I called to see if I could have those questions answered (and get a final price). They told me "Your suspension is done and will ship back to you tomorrow." This surprised me because I expected a call to answer my questions. For instance, my rear spring is from a YZ450F, bought it on Ebay, and the ad said it was 5.7kg/mm but is unmarked. I wanted them to verify this or put on a new spring. I also thought they'd call and give me a price for everything, since many of the items I selected "If needed". Fast forward to yesterday and I come home to a Racetech box on my porch, one end soaked in suspension fluid. I unpack everything and the bubble wrap and one of my forks is covered in fluid. It looks like it traveled to me upside down and was leaking out of the fork bleeder. I had to disassemble the fork and drain the rest of the fluid to find out it had lost almost 100cc of fluid in transit. I checked the other fork as well, but it was ok. Next I notice large scrapes on my shock, maybe from not using soft jaws on their vice. I was pretty pissed to see this, I was hoping they'd treat my stuff as well as I do. Finally, on the invoice, I was only charged for revalve and fluid on the forks and shock, BUT I had requested a Rebound Separator Valve on the Service Request and there's no sign of it, also I was willing to pay for a shock spring that was marked with the spring rate. Now I don't really know what's in my suspension. So instead of unboxing and installing, I have to spend this morning verifying fluid levels and double checking workmanship. Have any of you had this type of experience or is this a fluke? I tried to call them but they're closed today (Saturday). I really want to ride tomorrow so I obviously don't want to spend another week and a half shipping suspension back and forth.
  5. jermag24

    Is This Engine Degreaser Safe To Use?

    I've had amazing results with Simple Green and a pressure washer. You can buy it everywhere and its non-toxic. I dilute it about 10:1 with water and use it on motorcycles, cars, trucks, whatever.
  6. jermag24

    Some General oil question

    PM me your email address and what year/type of bike.
  7. So the increase in fork fluid definitely helped the bottoming issue, I was able to back out my compression clickers from 8 to 12 and still not bottom out. The problem now is that I'm still getting really beat up over braking/acceleration bumps and any square edge type of hits. I'm debating whether to go back in and play with the mid-valve or drop my suspension off with a local guru that people rave about out here. He would remove the Gold Valves and reinstall the stock valves, he says the stock valves on modern suspension are much better than they were back when Gold Valves first came out. He's reasonably priced too.
  8. jermag24

    Yoshimura RS4 Carbon

    Can you post pics? I have a spark arrestor in my RS4 and it slid in fine, maybe a little tight but ok.
  9. I used to have .50 fork springs and I couldn't get ANY sag up front, the front wheel kept popping out of ruts too. From what I understand, use sag to determine spring rates and adjust valving after that?
  10. Thanks, I was thinking this last night too. I'll try adding 10-15cc per fork before I ride Friday. My stacks are stiffer than two different RT guys have recommended so I don't want to go any stiffer on them if I can help it. I was really meticulous about the revalve job, I was an Aircraft Mechanic for years so I'm definitely mechanically inclined enough to understand how to do it right. Thanks.
  11. I'm going to ride this Friday and see how turning in the high speed compression on the shock does. I know I have .3mm float on the MV, would reducing that help with bottoming? I thought the MV was more for initial hits.
  12. One thing I just realized is I was turning in the low speed compression (clicks) on the shock this weekend, not the high speed (Turns). Maybe I should go in a half turn on the shocks high-speed and see if it helps prevent bottoming on landing.
  13. Here you go, let me know if you need any more info: Again, I'm 35, 5'11" tall, 200 pounds without gear, intermediate rider.
  14. Yes, I did it with a buddy and we double checked everything. I'm tempted to increase the low speed compression stacks a few steps since I've increased the high-speed compression an crossover stacks.