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  1. How do you remove the swingarm bearings from a 1979 cr390?
  2. motoxr87

    Will this bonehead move damage my CRF?

    The White Bro's tip on my 03 has a slight upward angle to it, at the track I launched my plug over the trailer parked behind me and into the cow pasture next to the track. Don't know how far it flew because I never found it.........
  3. motoxr87

    Motor Rebuild for trail riding

    Look at the head ss valved head from Big Bore Thumpers, price is in the ball park, its a bolt on and ride.........
  4. motoxr87

    Crack or a Blemish During Casting?

    My 03 and 05 both looked the same way when I had them apart.
  5. motoxr87

    Manual Cam chain tensioner maintenance

    Installed mine, after a rebuild with new cam, chain and guides. Needed adjusting once after a few hours, as the new parts settled in and has been good ever since, I checked it several times but it has been good.
  6. motoxr87

    Help with shimming please?

    Just do a Youtube search, just about anything you need to do to a CRF450R has a video posted there. Rebuilt my forks, replaced my crank, installed a cam and adjusted my valves all with help of Youtube.....
  7. motoxr87

    broken kicker common?

    The "kicker" on my well used 03 has a good size notch in it and I'm sure it will let go soon. Guess I should order a new one before it does???????
  8. motoxr87

    Broken clutch plate

    To answer your question.....If your wanting to ride this weekend while waiting for parts to come in.....yes, a file job will get you by till the UPS man drops off your new parts.......but do not think its a long time fix.
  9. motoxr87

    08 wont shift

    Mine did the same thing last time I had it apart, took it apart 2 or 3 times before I got it right, the shifter fork on the clutch side of the shifter barrel was not in the groove all the way. Would shift till you tightened up all the bolts then, would bind up and not shift.
  10. Just remove the valve cover and left side cover, pull the fly wheel (you need a puller, 20 bucks), remove the cam sprocket, remove the metal crank sprocket guide, remove the two plastic guides, drop the chain down the hole, pull the chain out the bottom..........You Tube is your friend..... videos for almost any CRF450 repair
  11. motoxr87

    First time at track.. nervous!

    Look for a track that does not have doubles, lots of tracks geared for beginners only have table tops (if you come up short you just land on top), once you can clear those your ready to try a small double.......
  12. motoxr87

    07 went bang

    Post pics........
  13. motoxr87

    what to look for in buying a used crf 450?

    Do not be fooled by new plastics, graphics and seat cover........Very cheap way to make an old dog look like new....
  14. motoxr87

    I dont see any race coverage tonight on my tv.

    Just got home from the race.....Wait till you get to watch the SX 2nd Heat tomorrow........is was sick!!!!!!!
  15. Just got home from the race.....Wait till you get to watch the SX 2nd Heat tomorrow........is was sick!!!!!!!