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  1. funkinalive

    KX450 2018 top end rebuild

    I take it you dont have an hour meter? assuming you were putting approximately two engine hours on your bike each weekend (thats what i usually rack up) then i would only guess you have around 100hrs on your top end? did you ever check the valve clearances and reshim? i would say we are similar in riding level and from experience ive been able to get two pistons for every valve replacement. Again, this is all assumption. it depends on quite a few factors that we dont really know until you can say otherwise.
  2. funkinalive

    2019 KX450 chain tension

    I think its a tad tight, when you sit on the bike you will notice the chain gets a lot tighter since the pivot point of the swing arm is offset from the primary drive sprocket. You want some give in case dirt gets packed into the rear sprocket/chain guide after a tip over which can really bind it up.
  3. funkinalive

    KX450 questions

    Nice looking bike
  4. funkinalive

    2019 KX450 chain tension

    Crobar has it perfect in the above pic. Should lay on the slider but not touch the aluminum on the swingarm. Mlatour also has a good point regarding tightness. Ive seen people break teeth off the primary sprocket because their chains were too tight. Too loose you may get a bit more chain slap but thats about the worst. I havent derailed a chain in ages...
  5. funkinalive

    Clutch basket

    IV not used prox clutch baskets but their pistons and connecting rod kits are equal to oem quality in my experience. I have used talon baskets in the past that were superior to oem at a reasonable price Not sure if they still make baskets/inner hub though.
  6. funkinalive

    New to the KX450f forum

    https://www.kawasaki.com/ServiceManuals/Manual/KX450HGF theres limited info in there but stuff like setup and basic maintenance should be outlined within
  7. funkinalive

    2016 Kx450f transmission went at 43 hours.

    Tough to say. Visually they look identical so I can imaging if the issue was prevalent in 2016 the quickest/easiest thing to do is change something at the supplier level. Usually these are just Band aids though. If it's something to do with hardening I'd bring down the hardness of the spacer/washer so it would bend and not shatter when the gear slams In to it.
  8. funkinalive

    KX450 questions

    Yeah no hour meter. Im about the same skill as you are and the bikes are very smooth stock so id try it before detuning. Air fork has been really good once I found my setup, but until then you will struggle. Might sound absurd but one thing that you could check is the front brake hose guide connected to the tripple clamp. My bike has about 30 hrs and the clamp is worn pretty good but my ridding buddy has 50hrs and that clamp has worn right through. This could give you somewhat of an indication as to how many hrs are on the bike. If it's been replaced then I'd say there's at least 50hrs on bike
  9. funkinalive

    Improvements coming for Wiseco cranks?

    Definately hope this brings the crank build quality up. Their pistons are really good but have myself experienced failure with wiseco cranks in four stroke bikes, so they could use the boost in quality.
  10. funkinalive

    How can i make my kx85 faster

    Buy a 100cc cylinder head and piston to match, they bolt right on. Rejet and go! Or jusy get a 125 as was stated above
  11. funkinalive

    '11 KX450f Transmission has me stumped

    Your definately splitting the cases if you want to determine exactly what's going on and to fix it properly.
  12. funkinalive

    Oil leak

    If your talking about the rocker cover gasket then this is actually quite common. They leak at the corners of the "half moon" shape where it is recommended to use some sealant when installing them. It's really not a big deal unless it's gushing oil, In which you probobly have a bad gasket. Otherwise just add a bit of sealant to the corners of the "half moons" next time you check valves.
  13. funkinalive

    2016 Kx450f transmission went at 43 hours.

    I'm also looking at the microfiche. That washer looked like it simply came appart most likely due to the pressure of popping out of gear as you said before. Well I havent really added anything to what you already know. I wonder about the axial play because that determines how much of the gear dogs surface is actually engaged. Even a small increase in engagment area would result in a more durable gear. If it's very loose maybe consider a machined to thickness washer.
  14. funkinalive

    2016 Kx450f transmission went at 43 hours.

    What you wrote above makes sense. If the filings are blueish there could have been an issue that led up to the problem. But if they are simply shredded with little discoloring than more likely they burst under the side pressure from "popping" out of gear. In all honesty though 3rd and 4th input gears are the ones that need replacing provided nothing happened to the gear sets on the output shaft. I would also be curiouser how much axial play there is in the fourth input gear after installing the new washers.
  15. funkinalive

    2016 Kx450f transmission went at 43 hours.

    i missed you writing about the forks checking out. the doggs on input gear three that engage into input gear four are definitely worn. gear four looks "salvagable" from the pic. I can understand that the clutch is mounted to the input shaft, where you had the problem occur, i just cant understand why it would affecting the tranny in that way. even with a stiffer clutch, the brunt of the axial thrust should be taken by the main clutch bearing and not the shims. are the metal filings blueish "look burned"? that would indicate rubbing.