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  1. 0macman0

    Yz250f intake cam

    I had the same problem and it ended up being a warped cam cap. If reseating as described above does not work, you will need to get the head honed or line bored
  2. 0macman0

    Grey Wire Mod Questions (Installing Switch)

    I’d just leave it unplugged, even in the gnarliest terrain I see no reason to plug that power sucking wire back in unless you want no power after 50% throttle.
  3. 0macman0

    Should I check the valves?

    Same here because I’m pretty sure it’s 8mm not 6mm. Want to get a good discussion going just bring up the torque value on those fasteners. Widely varying opinions there.
  4. 0macman0

    Should I check the valves?

    1/4 drive 6mm socket, pretty obvious what was meant by that
  5. 0macman0

    Should I check the valves?

    Use a good 1/4 torque wrench and follow the proper tightening sequence on the cam caps if you do have to shim the valves. I may have had a bad experience.......
  6. I think it’s cool you want to rebuild it, I think you should do it. Even if you have to buy used parts of ebay, make her sing again!
  7. 0macman0

    I think I have an issue...(2017 250fx)

    I’m saying casting mark. Go ride
  8. 0macman0

    I think I have an issue...(2017 250fx)

    Are you sure that’s a crack? Looks a lot like a normal casting mark. I would shine a bright light in there and look very close they can be deceiving
  9. 0macman0

    Yz250f surging right before top out in 5th

    How high is your compression? I think the main is a good place to start, if going up a size makes t worse, go down a size. It’s easy and cheap enough to do and it’s a good starting point.
  10. 0macman0

    Yz250f surging right before top out in 5th

    Sounds like jetting to me, you might be leaning out.
  11. 0macman0


    I find 14 front makes first gear more purposeful, it’s too low otherwise.
  12. 0macman0

    250F Revs

    Make sure the grey wire is unplugged and the exhaust cam set to YZ timing (for 03 requires yz cam I believe). If your jetting is right those two thins make a HUGE difference.
  13. 0macman0

    02 YZ250F will not idle without choke

    I think I would check the valves
  14. 0macman0

    Headlight won't turn off

    Sounds like a wet relay that dried out
  15. 0macman0

    Engine behavior using a particular oil.

    Normal behavior. Every Yamaha I’ve ridden does that cold.