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  1. ADHD1

    Bought a new 500 RS today, but...

    You're right and I'm sure no permanent damage has been done. Thanks for the break in tips as well.
  2. ADHD1

    Bought a new 500 RS today, but...

    I was thinking the same thing but what really bugs me is that I didn't see/smell/hear anything before I saw the temp gauge. Now I'm thinking that the hole may have been created prior to me even picking the bike up from the dealer. Maybe this happened during the factory run up? And that's another thing...The bike came with 7 miles on the odometer which the dealer said is the standard when it comes from the factory. Can anyone else comment on whether or not this is accurate? So if the hole in the hose was created in the "factory prep" first 7 miles, I find it somewhat disheartening that no one noticed anything prior such as fluid streaming out or anything else. Maybe the hose burn just started during the factory prep and it finally gave way during my brief ride. Anyway, I haven't been able to have a discussion with the dealer yet as he is closed on Sun/Mon but I'm going to take it back for repairs tomorrow. I've been a customer of this dealer for a while now and he's always been extremely fair so I'm confident that he will make things right. By the way, during my brief ride I found the bike an absolute dream to ride as I've never ridden any bike as smooth on the bottom end. The seat's a little stiff but that can be easily remedied. Thanks for all the responses.
  3. ADHD1

    Bought a new 500 RS today, but...

    That's about what I figured but thanks for the reassurance!
  4. After much anticipation i picked up my new 2015 500 RS today and once I got it home i took it for a quick spin around the streets of my neighborhood. Keeping in line with the break in procedure, I never gave it more than 50% throttle or let the revs get too high. After a couple of miles of riding, I glance down at the lcd display and see that my engine temp is at 290 degrees! I immediately pull over and begin looking the bike over. I don't see any leaks or anything unusual but i decide to wait for 10 minutes or so to let things cool off before i restart and ride the 1/2 mile back to my place. On the way back I am riding extremely gently while keeping my eye on the temp guage which doesn't exceed 250 before i get home. During my ride i never noticed any symptoms of an overheating motor (pining, knocking, etc.) so at the time i was thinking it may be a faulty sensor. Once i get home i let the bike sit for a bit and then remove the radiator cap and see no fluid inside! Could the factory or dealer possibly forgot to fill it??? I start filling the radiator which immediately begins leaking out onto the floor. After looking around for a bit I see that the radiator hose is in direct contact with the exhaust header and sure enough when i pull the hose away i see that there is a hole in the hose. I've contacted the dealer who has apologized and will naturally fix the leaky hose but i am somewhat concerned that the some internal damage may have occurred with the motor getting that hot. I have put less than 3 miles on the odometer so i'm thinking i'm probably fine but just wanted to get some input from the forum.
  5. ADHD1

    Fuel help!

    Unless the motor rebuild significantly increased compression then I wouldn't add any octane boost, especially in a 4 stroke. Just run 93 octane non-ethanol. Most of the time that stuff is a waste of money.
  6. ADHD1

    Vacation Spots!

    Busco is one of those places that people seem to either love it or hate it. I personally don't like it because it caters more to the atv crowd and the trails are not good. In fact I think the trails are downright hazardous. I cannot speak for the mx there as I stick to trail riding. My favorite place in NC is brushy mountain motorsports park in Taylorsville. Nice mix of trails over hilly terrain (60-70 miles) but I've heard mixed things about the mx track. The camping is pretty primitive - restrooms and showers but no hookups. One downside is that they are only open fri-sun.
  7. ADHD1

    Riding This Weekend - Southeast NC

    I'll probably be at midway sunday morning.
  8. Is it a bad idea to donate a kidney and still ride a dirt bike? I'm considering donating a kidney to a buddy of mine (non-rider) who's body is now rejecting a previously transplanted kidney. We have matching blood types but before I go deeper into finding out if I'm a good tissue match I wanted to see if there are any other riders out there who have done this or are riding around with one kidney. I'm mostly a trail rider but I do compete in an occasional hare scramble. Thanks for any input.
  9. ADHD1

    coastal nc

    Actually I live in Leland, close to Magnolia Greens.
  10. ADHD1

    coastal nc

    Hey fellas I might try to tag along if thats ok. Alanj, what do you ride? I've been to outback a few times and trying to remember if we've met before. I ride a husky 310. BTW, can't really recommend midway -- gets pretty boring.
  11. ADHD1

    Riding buddy?

    ...And cue the Dateline NBC camera crew. Edit: D'oh, didn't see the Chris Hansen reference above! Sorry...same joke.
  12. ADHD1

    Gaerne GX-1, vs?

    Hey Mega, You should have asked me if your son could wear mine this past sunday, if he's around a size 13 that is. No promises he wouldn't catch a little fungi, but hey it builds character. Seriously though, I love my gx-1's. Took a little while to break in but that's to be expected. Got mine from extreme supply which seemed to have them about $20-30 cheaper than everywhere else.
  13. ADHD1

    coastal nc

    Don't get me wrong, I love my te310 but in retrospect I do kind of wish I got the wr300 mainly for maintenance costs and longevity reasons. The wr was the bike I initially wanted but as a relatively new rider I was a little worried it would be too much bike and went with the milder te. Now from what I've read and been told the 300 2t's are much more user friendly than many other 2t's. Anyway I'm still having a blast on it and intend to keep it for a while. But I sure do like the looks of that new Husaberg te300, hmmm...
  14. ADHD1

    coastal nc

    Thanks for letting me tag along as well (I was the guy on the husky). Really enjoyed outback - probably my new favorite place that's within reasonable driving distance. Hope to get back soon.
  15. ADHD1

    Which Helmet?

    Might be hard to find the shoei for under $400. I saw some bell moto 8's on closeout for around $150 at motorcyclecloseouts.com.