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  1. 80 k is allot for a single cylinder . I would imagine a new top end is in order. and are you serious you never adjusted the valves in 80 thousand miles?! that's impressive that the engine lasted that long, but sad that you neglected it that bad
  2. I have both a dr350 and dr650. the 650 is not even close to being as fun off road. I have never road a drz but I think they have a longer wheel base and are kinda heavy as well. the drz should be more similar to the 350 than the dr650 will be though. o and the dr wheels are not going to be a direct swap on the drz. I would buy another 350 or fix yours
  3. that looks very similar to my 2. i built both mine from the ground up like that guy did and i can tell you that i would not sell mine for that cheap because of the hours i have in them. is it really worth that much? probably not but its worth more to him because he built it and probably put more that 3 grand into it. but keep in mind that when you need to buy parts for it or fix something your dr350 repair manual is not going to help much as its all different parts. no one knows my bikes like me and if i sold one the buyer would cuss me when he goes to work on it. they are custom and have allot of "quirks". that being sad. if you go test ride it and it runs good and sounds good. 2 grand would be a steal if that's what your looking for. and if you do get it i want details from the previous owner on his rear shock mod please
  4. The top end should be your concern.. The head and cam costs way more than you paid for the whole bike. They are going to be the first thing to suffer from oil starvation
  5. I am not sure how the oil pump works. its not a common problem with the dr at all. the majority of the oil should be held in the frame. I think your oil is just pooling in the transmission. your not lubricating your piston or cam. I could be wrong but it sounds like your top end is toast.
  6. you need to quit running the engine until you find the problem. chances are you have already done significant damage with this oil problem. sounds to me like there is a blockage or the oil pump is not working. I bet all that oil is just sitting in the bottom of you engine and not lubricating the top end at all. keep running the bike like this and your going to ruin allot more that 600 bucks worth of parts
  7. Your going to have engine damage then I would guess
  8. make sure you drain the oil out of the frame as well! that's where all the oil should be as this is a dry sump engine. I would check the valve clearances before I pulled the engine apart if they are too tight they will rob the compression .
  9. I got a filter on ebay for mine. I believe it was a uni pod filter. 6 inches long if I remember right. just take some measurements and you can find a pod filter to fit it. trust me your going to want to keep that thing
  10. if your bike is a 94 or newer it has the auto decompression cam like tn2wheeler stated. it can also have the manual compression release which is external and completely unrelated to the automatic compression release that's on the cam. this has nothing to do with low end power or how the engine runs at all. as soon as the engine qtually fires it spins fast enough to disengage the compression release. the cam will make the bike feel like it has less compression from the feel of the kick start lever, but it will still have some compression. make sure your valves are set right. too tight of valves will rob the compression.
  11. if your switching jugs you will need ones from an electric start to go on your electric start. the starter bolts to it. sounds like a good time to do a 385 kit. same price as any piston but the added compression will make a nice difference. or go big bore, I love my 441.......
  12. i sure hope you consider swaping the suspension from the dirt model. that year has much better forks and shock! they will bolt right up to your bike. o and a bigger front axle to if I am not mistaken.
  13. you must have a later model dr. the earlier ones did not have a manual decompression cam and kicking an engine in good condition without use of the decompression lever had bad results. I can completely stand up on my kick starter when its top dead center and it aint going nowhere! mine is a 441 with bumped compressin but I would imagine the stock 350 is very similar on the old models. I for one enjoy the bike being "hard to start" meaning 99% of people could never start my bike and I get it in 1-2 kicks
  14. check your valves. tight exhaust valves make it hard to start
  15. if I plan on riding more than an hour in the woods I throw a 13 on the front. but the 15 is doable. I can lift the front wheel up over anything I want in second. its bored to 441 though
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