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  1. Fade

    2014 KX250F Bogging

    So I bought a 2014 KX250F about a month ago, bike has a completely fresh rebuild, stage 2 hotcams, and a power commander on it. It ran great for about an hour or so, then developed a weird bogging issue that is intermittent, and somehow connected to the launch control button. It seems that if it bogs the launch control light turns on for a little while, it's not blinking, but stays on solid. I put injector cleaner in the tank and have been running it lightly to see if it's possibly a clogged injector as the bike had sat for about a year before I bought it. It has seemed to get better slowly, but I'm not sure why the light is coming on? Any thoughts? P.S. If it doesn't bog it runs amazing, super fast, and starts up within 3 kicks hot or cold everytime.
  2. Fade

    2013 RMZ 450 Neutral Drags

    Hey so I just rebuilt my 2013 RMZ450 from the ground up, had every bolt apart. I put the trans together and tested it and everything seemed fine. Put the bike together and ride it now and it feels as if neutral is dragging really badly. I checked the clutch setup and everything seemed fine. I pulled the countershaft seal and that seems fine as well, any ideas as to what's gone wrong here? I also found alot of metal shavings
  3. Fade

    Vinyl wrap frame ?

    It's going to peel off or rub through VERY quickly. Wouldn't waste your time.
  4. Fade

    2013 RMZ 450 Fuel? Issues

    Well the manual outlines tests with a 12 volt battery. I didn't feel like taking the 12 volt out of my truck or buying one, so instead I just hooked up a 9 volt. I figured if all I'm doing is checking that voltage is getting where it needs, who cares if it's 9 or 12 volts. Some tests like TPS sensor adjustment need a 12 volt though.
  5. Fade

    2013 rmz450 fuel issue

    Try hooking a battery to the service coupler to see if the fuel pump turns on first and foremost. If it does not, backprobe to the connector 10 on the ecm harness (red with black wire) and ground that wire to the frame, with the battery Connected. The fuel pump should turn on. If so, your ecm is bad. The ecm contains the fuel pump relay.
  6. Fade

    2013 RMZ 450 Fuel? Issues

    Guys, come to find out it was my ecm. Here's the best way to run the test to see if your fuel pump relay is broken on your ecm. Hook a 9 volt battery to the service coupler. At which point your fuel pump should start running. If it does not, backprobe a lead to the ecm probe number 10 (red with black wire) and ground to the frame, if the fuel pump turns on, your fuel pump relay is bad.
  7. Fade

    2013 RMZ 450 Fuel? Issues

    I've ran all the EFI tests and everything passes. All the electrical system tests it passes. The motor has good compression, valves are good, spark is good. Bike doesn't run. I'm at a loss.
  8. Fade

    2013 RMZ 450 Fuel? Issues

    So it's been a few days since I've updated. Here's what I've found thus far. -The bike did NOT jump timing, thankfully. -The bike does have good, strong spark still -The fuel injector is opening and closing, i tested by hooking it up to a 9 volt battery, you can clearly hear the clicks of it opening and closing -If you hotwire the fuel pump to the same 9 volt battery, the bike will start and run, poorly, but it will run. -The fuel pump is getting 3 volts of power when kicking it, probably why it's not getting fuel/fuel pressure -The rectifier is working properly. -The magneto charges 24 volts when kicking, suzukis spec is 100v at 5000rpm....I'm going to assume that the magneto is working properly -According to the manual I believe the fuel pump relay is built into the ECM. It seems as if the ECM is where the voltage is being lost. So I'm wondering if anyone has a way to test the ECM/fuel pump relay? It's not listed in the manual sadly. The bike is definitely not getting fuel, and it's not the injector. It seems to be fuel pump voltage. I'd like to know exactly why before I go drop a few hundred on a new ECM.
  9. Fade

    2013 RMZ 450 Fuel? Issues

    Interesting, I will have to check that tomorrow.
  10. Fade

    2013 RMZ 450 Fuel? Issues

    I have not. But I would think I would've known if it jumped timing while I was riding? It ran great. As soon as I hit the kill switch in the pits is when it died.
  11. Fade

    2013 RMZ 450 Fuel? Issues

    So here's the story: Bikes running fantastic, started 1st kick at the start of the day. I come into the pits, hit the kill switch. Go to re-start the bike and it just sounds dead/empty. Not even trying to start. So here's everything I've done so far. -Pulled the kill switch, i know kill switches die easily, so i started there while still at the track, didn't fix anything. -Checked the valves and compression, all is great there, nothing wrong with the motor. -Checked for spark, the bike has a very strong visible spark. -Pulled the fuel tank, did a run test on the fuel pump, well surpasses the minimum fuel output requirement. -Pulled the fuel injector, visibly is clean. I'm stumped, not sure where to go? The manual isn't very clear about the fi system diagnosis, as to what steps to start with. Anyone have any clues where to start?
  12. Fade

    Expected duration of bottom end

    Gotta keep your eye out on RMATV, about once a month for a few days they go down to 99 cents!
  13. Fade

    Expected duration of bottom end

    I've been getting paper filters for 99cents, hard to beat that lol
  14. Fade

    Expected duration of bottom end

    Good idea with that, never thought about cutting the filter open. Thanks for the tip.
  15. Fade

    Expected duration of bottom end

    That's really good to hear. Everyone says "oh no way should you ever go above 150 hours no matter what the readings say" but I don't see any proof of that. I'll likely stick with checking for play until it's time to split the cases for something else, or peace of mind as you say. Appreciate the input.