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  1. HondaPowered

    Kx125 1999 head compatibility

    I have a 1999 kx125 it has a really badly scored head cap. And the head is discontinued so I can't get a new one. Will any newer years of head fit on the 99 cylinder?
  2. HondaPowered

    1999 kx125 breaking up in powerband

    Cleaned the fuel screen and repacked and cleaned the muffler and it runs perfect now. Thanks for the replies
  3. So my friend bought a 1999 kx125. we test rode it and it ran perfect has a new top end. Ran great for the tank of fuel it came with. Ran out of fuel filled it with premium 32:1 with yamalube synthetic oil. After this it started breaking up in the powerband. So I cleaned the carb that didn't help. Went one jet smaller on the main seemed better for a couple weeks now it's breaking up again. Tried a new plug twice now. Spark plug wire seemed lose on the boot so tie wired it on better. Now I don't know what to try. Any help would be great first two stroke have owned and built four stroke motors so have a fair bit of mechanical ability and knowledge.
  4. HondaPowered

    Putting crf250r cam in 2009 crf250x

    Checked the part numbers and they are different from 09r to 09x. So as long as the 06 cam drops in I'm happy it's already on order. Already have an fmf power bomb header with powercore 4
  5. HondaPowered

    Putting crf250r cam in 2009 crf250x

    I want to put a crf250r cam in my 2009 X and most the reading I have done only talks about older X's. My current plan is to put a 2006 crf250r cam in because I'm looking for high end power will I run into any problems with this? also trying to avoid changing valve springs and from what I have read I would need to change them to put a 09 r cam in.
  6. HondaPowered

    Best way to transport

    i have never had a problem loading or unloading from the box of a truck by myself. but it helps a lot if you are tall. you must be able to reach the handle bars when the bike is on the tailgate and your feet on the ground.
  7. HondaPowered

    CRF-150F Good Starter Bike

    xr 250 is a 4 stroke. 150 would be to small if your over 6' tall its a kids bike. why do you need a 4 stroke? i would look for a crf230f, xr200 or xr250. and if you get ocer the 4 stroke thing a yz125, cr125, or any 125 two stroke.
  8. HondaPowered

    Titan vs Tundra

    never once did i say i drive a 120k truck.i work with a couple people that do. a loaded f350 king ranch is 85k along with the top models from all the big 3. at least where im from they are.
  9. HondaPowered

    Titan vs Tundra

    so truck 85000. 37 inch tires 2500, 8 inch lift 7000 installed, rims 2500, LED light bar 1200, tuner 1000, exhaust 1000, bumpers 3000, add 3000 to install everything that's 106k before dealer mark up. that's a pretty typical truck to see driving around. half the people add a sled deck that's another 5000. it doesn't take long for it to all add up.
  10. HondaPowered

    Titan vs Tundra

    i know that but if sticker is over 100k your still paying a lot. i have payed less then sticker for all my vehicles and bikes.
  11. HondaPowered

    Titan vs Tundra

    yea 19. work oil patch. payed for my truck and bike my self thanks (guy saying its dads money). i'm gullible because i can read price tags?
  12. HondaPowered

    Titan vs Tundra

    we don't all buy are trucks lifted from the dealer. i know when you buy it that way its a rip off because they at least double the cost of every part going in. and i know this because i know the guys at the shop that does the lifted trucks for dealers in my area. but the dealers sell them so each dealer keeps about 5 lifted and done up trucks on there lot people buy them for convince and because $30 000 doesn't really matter to alot of people.
  13. HondaPowered

    Titan vs Tundra

    8 inch lifted Denali on 37s tuned . trucks base prices was 85,000. lift tires and rims were put on by the dealer special order all with full factory warranty. MSRP was 120,000. we had two of these trucks on site at the same time. drilling consultants. and there are a couple lifted f 350 platinum on Calgary dealer lots with sticker price of over 100,000
  14. HondaPowered

    Titan vs Tundra

    my 3/4 ton was 66 000 and its not even close to fully loaded. i have workedwith many guys that roll $120 000 work truck. thats how we do it in alberta.
  15. HondaPowered

    Titan vs Tundra

    Many work trucks here are bought by sub contractors who only own 1 to 5 trucks so any fleet discount is out of the question. also over half these trucks have an msrp of well over 75 000 so cost is out of the question. but yet i still see no Toyota or Nissan ever.