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    Anything with a motor!! Also enjoy mtb and rc toys!
  1. dirtbikeman25

    ssr 150 vs ssr 160

    If u can get ur hands on 1 the ssr160 is an amazing bike. Ive ridden a lott of pit bikes and this is by far the most comfortable and best handling bike ive been on. Im 5'10 and 180lbs and this bike has plenty of power. The Suspention is fully adjustable and is decent enough for some track riding. Here is a vid like u asked. There r other vids on my channel aswell. My bike is a 2009 btw.
  2. dirtbikeman25

    Ssr160 frying cdi boxes

    Well i worked on the bike today. Borrowed a new cdi box from my buddy, he had the exact same one as a spair. After wiring it up i checked for a spark and still had nothing. I then took a volt meter and connected the positive lead to the red/yellow wire that is also connected to the black wire from the inner rotor kit and the negative to a good ground, I kicked the bike over and got some decent voltage. I then tried connecting the positive to what i believed to be the load side of the cdi where it feeds the coil, tried kicking it over and had no voltage. So ive come to the conclusion that this cdi box seems to be bad also. Ever since ive got this bike it has been plagged wit electrical problems. Ive been doing a lott of research and it seems that these china inner rotor kits hav a lott of different issues. I really dont want to deal with this any more and im not sure what i should do. My friend has a brand new trail bike cdi box that he would sell me and i would like to use it but apparently it wont work with my inner rotor kit. Is that true? What do u guys think i should do? Here's the cdi box my friend is selling. It has so many more wires then my stock one, i really dontt think it would work wit my setup.
  3. dirtbikeman25

    Ssr160 frying cdi boxes

    I was hoping somebody could help me decide what kind of cdi box i should buy. Seems like the cheap china ones just arnt lasting and its starting to get annoying. My main concern is what kind of cdi will work with the inner rotor kit i hav? Hopefully Vince will see this and give me a hand also
  4. dirtbikeman25

    Front brake problems

    Maybe check the brake pads that they r seated properly on the rotor. My pads only rub on half the rotor and be ause of that they tend to bind together
  5. dirtbikeman25

    First time Indoor pit biking

    Haha that was the only jump we didnt do. We started doin the 2 doubles later in the day. I need someone to video tape for us . I kno the vids r boring but we r getting go pros and hopefully my gf will come and record also.
  6. dirtbikeman25

    First time Indoor pit biking

    Ya i pretty much do everything with my phone. Thanks!
  7. dirtbikeman25

    Dirty Toys

    Very cool!!
  8. Pit biking indoors jus a few clips
  9. That puddle was deeeeeeeepppppppppp!
  10. dirtbikeman25

    Building from parts, need advice

    Vince is right the klx is the perfect starting bike. You definitely need 14" front rim and 12" back. Anything smaller and you wont enjoy any tricky terrain. I hav a yx160 motor and it has plenty of power to haul my 185lbs around and it's keept me entertained for 2 years now with no issues. Suspention is really up to how much u want to spend and the ride height u perfer.
  11. dirtbikeman25

    Pit bike fun yx160 video

    Here is another wit the gf taking the z50 for a ripp and me trying a kx65.
  12. dirtbikeman25

    Whats wrong with my bike? Been trying to fix this for months!

    I had the same problem i changed my cdi box and that was the issue. Now that same problem only happens when i ride the bike through puddles the bike would start acting up like that. If i let it dry for a bit it would be fine. I think the inner rotor kit is getting wet because everything else electrical i water proofed. My buddy has the same problem too and it was the same issue also. Lmk if this helped
  13. dirtbikeman25

    Pitster Pro LXR Nitro Circus Edition Sale

    I want that air box for my ssr160! You dont happen to sell those seperately do you?
  14. dirtbikeman25

    Pit bike fun yx160 video

    Just having a little fun on the pit bike and thought id share. Ive got more clips on my youtube channel if interested! Let me know what you all think!