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  1. cr250_gus

    cr 250 2000 jetting chart

    Hopefully this will help some people jet thier cr 250s.
  2. cr250_gus

    YZ 250 PROJECT COMPLETED, with pictures

    Thanks for the tip ill make sure i clean that.
  3. Hey tt. just wanted to show my project that i recently finished my yz 250 1997 brought back from the dead when i got the bike it was completly torn apart the powervalve was broken into pieces, along with the pistion . Here a few pictures of it. Went for a test ride today, everything was good except my carb was leaking alot of gas, i belive the float was stuck. The fist picture was when the right after the rebuild the rest are after some graphics. SOME UPGRADES TO IT WAS A 70.00MM BORE (STOCK IS 68.00MM VFORCE 2 REEDS FMF FATTY PIPE, WITH TURBINE CORE 2 EXHAUST UPGRADED REAR SUSPENSION FROM A YZ 250 2002 D.I.D GOLD CHAIN AND POWDER COATED FRAME
  4. cr250_gus

    Best/Cheapest Honda OEM Parts?

    best site i found is www.honda4u.com located in so cal, best prices
  5. cr250_gus

    Source for FORK REBUILD parts.

    just go oem best you can get. check out www.honda4u.com and look there great prices for oem parts, go to the parts fiche to order parts. cheapest site ive been able to find
  6. Hey TT i got a cr 250 but its a got cr 125 front forks, i want to get the 250 ones because they are the twin camber ones. From my research the 1997-2000 are the same. any one shed some light on what other years fit?
  7. cr250_gus

    Eric Gorr yz144 build (pic heavy)

    could cause water to leak into you piston, if the top seals goes a little bad it could leak alot i say you return it
  8. cr250_gus

    Should i get a KX250F?

    the kx 250f are great bikes, but ive always been told to learn its better to start on a 125, since your already getting practice on your ktm 125 and feel comfortable mabye its time to move up to the 250f biggest differnce is the bottom end, but you cant beat the 125 lightness, if money isnt an issue then get yourself a 250f they require a bit of mantience valves oil and tranny oil, espescailly for track riding,
  9. cr250_gus

    Trying to get the bike to run a specific way

    i know this is out of topic but clean you power valves, they might be full of carbon causing them to stick slightly, and thats why you might feel the suden power band, might help. and the sst, not the way to go, try stock or fmf gnary for the low-mid
  10. Well TT i recently rebuild a yz 250 1997 and bought a new fmf fatty pipe, but i go trails riding alot and there bunch of huge rocks, anyone have one or used one, atm i thinking of buying the moose pipe guard, anyone tried the tusk on from rockymountain atv? not looking to buy the e-line carbon to much money for me. http://s7d2.scene7.com/is/image/Motosport/MOS-PG2-001_is?$envypdpstandard$
  11. cr250_gus

    4 hours on new top end, what happened? (with pics)

    is this standart size piston size?? if its oversized did you check for powervalve clearence??? movement in crank?
  12. fmf gnarly , with vforce reeds, and correct jetting for no bog, also plush front forks to absorb all the rocks coming downfill
  13. this might be allowing the kick idle gear to move and making contact with other metal parts
  14. cr250_gus

    Fork oil from bleeder

    when you do this your front forks have to be up in the air, like a stand, but neverless that should not happen, did you recently change your fork seals??
  15. the kx use a seris of snap rings to hold there gears i say you order all snap rings new from your local dealer.