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  1. SC_Spode

    Need help ID year and model of Yamaha

    Too cool - wish my dad had been into bikes. Enjoy it - a great way to build relationships, learn and have fun all at once; they'll never forget it. 👍
  2. SC_Spode

    Need help ID year and model of Yamaha

    Actually, the 82 still had the rad on the triple clamps. It had the "Venetian blind"-looking front number plate with the louvers (the 81 had the pig-snout cowl). The 82 still had the shock up under the tank, but used a simple dogbone and L-lever instead of the old triangular swingarm of the 78-81 models. The 83 was the first to use the more upright shock placement with linkage underneath it. A buddy had the 82, and I remember the first time I rode it I stopped twice to make sure the front tire wasn't flat - the high-up weight of the radiator made the front end feel like it had a flat tire. Interesting (and fun) times - everything was changing so quickly back then. You can see the foundation of today's bikes in early '80's models; much is the same, just refined.
  3. SC_Spode

    Need help ID year and model of Yamaha

    It's an 83. The most obvious differences are that the 83 had 38mm forks and regular spokes while the 84 had 43mm forks and the infamous "z" spokes. The spokes would flex and break off the ears on the hub where they passed through. Also, the 83 had the rear shock reservoir on the left while the 84 was mounted on the right and had a compression adjuster on the reservoir body. Good thing it's an 83, as the 84 had a terribly flawed (and very, very slow) engine - it couldn't outrun the 80s of that year, it didn't like to shift and was unreliable. It was, in a word, a dog. I had the 83 YZ250 - loved that bike back in the day. Have fun and enjoy resurrecting and preserving some cool moto-history.
  4. SC_Spode

    2008 450R - Will "Newer" Plastic Fit...???

    Love the "fly-by-wire" throttle mod! 👍
  5. SC_Spode

    Rod bearing or something else ?

    A couple of observations - the vast majority of damage is on the left side of the head as oriented in the photo, between the 7 and 11 o'clock positions. Since I can't see the rest of the head, I can't tell where this is in relation to the installed position of the cylinder and piston, but it may yield a clue. The other observation is that it looks like someone has previously tried to surface the squish with something like a grinder - you can see the heavy grind marks in the aluminum - which makes me wonder if this engine hasn't had previous issues (which could be related to this one).
  6. SC_Spode

    Rod bearing or something else ?

    Is the locating pin still in place in the ring land? Many years ago I had one come out of the piston on my '78 YZ125, get sucked through the ports and dance around on top of the piston before exiting the cylinder. It left very similar indentations on the top of the piston and in the dome of the head.
  7. SC_Spode

    shock shims

    Many thanks to Marc at MotoVations Racing in Hickory, NC for helping me out in a pinch. Very helpful - he went the extra mile of his own volition to help someone he doesn't know; speaks highly of his character. Based on my experience I'd highly recommend contacting him if you need suspension work. Thanks again, Marc!
  8. SC_Spode

    shock shims

    Hey Tom, Thanks, I checked them Friday but since they're on the other side of the country from me they were going to take a week to get here and want $15 shipping for a few shims via FedEx with no other shipping options. Not really cost effective for this. I know they sell a lot of neat parts and I'll use them when I need a significant amount (and some items that aren't as readily available) so I can justify the transit time and cost. On a side note - I see you have a '16 CRF250R that you run in the woods. Are you still running the air forks or did you swap to springs? If you still have the SFF TAC forks, I may get your input on them, if you don't mind.
  9. SC_Spode

    shock shims

    Hey guys, I need a few shims and since I've lost my previous source I was hoping someone here could help me out or point me in the right direction. I need the following 12mm ID shims - 0.20mm x 32mm ~ Qty 1 0.10mm x 32mm ~ Qty 1 0.25mm x 36mm ~ Qty 2 I'll be glad to PayPal the funds if someone can stick them in an envelope and mail them to me. Thanks in advance.
  10. I’m trying to determine the compatibility of some cams and I posted a question a few days ago without much luck. I’ve since decided there might be a better way to word the question, so let me try asking it like this and see if anyone can help. For those who have installed the 2007+ R cam in their 2008+ 450X, were you able to simply swap the cams or did you have to use other R parts, such as the cam gear, decomp parts, etc? I’m trying to go the other way – install a 2008+ X cam in a 2007 R. I figure most people will be putting the R cam in the X, but the swap is going to require the same parts in either direction, just in reverse. So, in a nutshell: is there anyone who has put the 2007+ R cam in their 2008+ X and what parts did you have to swap? FWIW: I had a 2006 450R and it was a direct swap to install the 2006 450X cam – no other parts required. The uncertainty for the 2007 R results from the redesign of the decomp system on the 2007+ R and 2008+ X. I’m not really interested in swapping out the towers and such to put the earlier X cam in my 2007 R – too costly for all the parts. Thanks for any help!
  11. SC_Spode

    Need help from X/R cam gurus

    That's the source of the uncertainty. The 450R changed the decomp system in 2007 and the X changed to the same type system in 2008. However, when the the R and X both had the previous system, the cams were different but the cam gear was the same. On my 07 R, the cam gear has a different part number than the 08 X. There also seems to be at least one other part difference in the decomp system but it may just be due to its relationship with the different cam gear (slightly different gear needed slightly different interfacing part?). The 07 R and 08 X have the same part number for the cam tower, so that's not an issue- it appears the differences are in the decomp parts. Even though they are similar, it's the extent of the decomp system parts/cam gear and their compatibility that I'm not clear on. I'm hoping I can take the cam from the X and bolt it to the R gear (along with the R decomp pieces) and liver happily ever after. But I don't want to make the purchase only to find out I have to buy several more expensive parts - that would eliminate it as being a cost effective mod... and leave me with a cam I can't use.
  12. SC_Spode

    Need help from X/R cam gurus

    Couldn't find what I'm looking for in a search (but if anyone else can, please post a link) so I'm hoping someone knows the answer. A few years ago I was doing a cam swap - 2006 450X cam into 2006 R. Very simple, direct swap. Now I'm looking at putting a cam from a 2008+ X into a 2007 R. This doesn't seem to be as simple... but maybe it is - that's what I need to know. In looking at the parts fiche for the two, the X has a different cam gear and lists different parts for the decomp mechanism. Without having all the pieces from both engines in hand to compare, I'm not sure what the differences are. My question - is a stock cam from an 08+ 450X a direct drop-in for a 2007 450R (if I use the 450R cam gear, etc) or are there other parts that need to be swapped, too? If so, what are they? Thanks for any help!
  13. SC_Spode

    rear shock overhaul

    Sounds like he's also looking for the wear parts like seals and piston bands. Anyone with a source for those?
  14. And not to hijack the thread, but speaking of John Curea, does anyone know what happened to him? He suddenly disappeared some years ago. I'd heard his wife was battling cancer but can't confirm that. If it's true, I hope she got better. John was always a classy guy and willing to help.
  15. Sweet stuff! Can't wait 'til I have time to chew on this (that's when the wife walks by, looks over my shoulder at what I'm reading, shakes her head and mutters something that sounds a lot like "geek" ).