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  1. benmoto

    x ring chain fitment

    i run a renthal o ring chain on my 2010 rmz 250, i am now using an acerbis chain block with no problems. it ran fine through the standard chain block, however it was used when i fitted the o ring chain.
  2. benmoto

    gear ratios/custom gear ratios

    hi, does any one know the transition gear ratios for the 2010 rmz 250. Im looking at changing the ratios of 5th to get a 'taller' as i am using the bike for Enduro's and at the moment it is easy to top out in 5th on the fire breaks. so is it possible to fit maybe the 5th gear from the rmx 450 z or even the rmz 450 if that is a taller gear? any help on this would be appreciated thanks.
  3. benmoto

    I'm running out of patience with my 2010

    i had my valve seats re cut and has made the problem alot better. it might be worth having a compression or leak test done. just because the valves clearances are spot on there could be a bad seal between your valve and seat.
  4. benmoto

    electric start conversion

    hi, i currently ride a 2010 rmz 250 and am looking at converting it to electric start. just wondering if this is something that has been done before or if anyone has any ideas on how i could do this? im not sure if the new rmx450z starter system would be interchangeable? any advice would be great.