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  1. I just put an inline fuel shut off in the fuel line after my petcock and before my carb bc mine was leaking slowly i believe. Its only a 13 dollar fix and a 5 min job. now i just leave my petcock alone and turn off my new fuel shutoff when im done riding.
  2. I think my 8,000k light is a great light. It doesnt look very blue at all to me it looks like a bright white when riding. I didnt have to re-aim my headlight at all. but so far this m kit is great. Id recommend the 8,00k light to anyone who wants a really white light. Its a really good upgrade and helps alot with my night riding and spotting the deer before they run in front of me again.
  3. I took the bike out tonight for a ride and its working properly. Im not sure what it was doing before but its fine now. Ill update a picture of the light though because itsan 8,000 hid but looks white not blue at all to me Does this look right for an 8,000 hid kit from ddm tuning?
  4. The ddm kit moves in and out of the socket. when I turn my key of from high beam it switches to Low then off. I might not need the high beam at all I just thought it was odd that it does that.
  5. I just installed a ddm tuning 8000 hid kit. My first observation is the 8000 is a white light with no blue tint to it at all like i thought it would have but its really bright and looks great so im still happy with it. My question is I can switch the headlight from low beam to high beam and the hid changes a little bit but i cant switch it back to low beam unless i turn the key off and back on... is this normal?
  6. I would say maybe a wheel and tire is off balance. I get no wobble on my bike at any speed. The wind will blow you around thats a definate but a wobble... no. Id say its gotta be body position or something with the rider. If anyone else rides your bike do they feel the same problem?
  7. Rejetting it will help but you dont have to. I have an fmf slip on on my bike and never touched the jetting yet and have over 10,000 miles on it. plug looks great.
  8. wr450 are really nice bikes and have a ton more power than the drz. Alot of people say they wont be reliable for a supermoto but i know more than a few people that ride these on the street without any issues. Its not going to be any quieter if thats what your looking for. take it easy on your street and they can deal with it.
  9. take a little fluid out of the reservior it needs to expand as it heats up, with too little air itll expand the pads into your rotor
  10. If i check mine when its cold after sitting for a month or so its always still at the full mark. But definately get into the habit of checking it after a ride then next time you know you are good to go.
  11. 2+2 gum cutter carb cleaner ... use it that is the strongest and best carb cleaner i have ever used strips paint right away.
  12. No need to balance. I never balance my wheel and tire after mounting new tires and get no vibration or anything on the highway.
  13. who stops at red lights? lol but im usually neutral but always aware of my surroundings incase you gotta move out of there fast. or jump out of the way. you never know what crazy drivers are gonna do.
  14. I picked up my 05 supermoto with 9,000 miles on it for 2800. I think i got a good deal
  15. mine passes with led blinkers, exhaust all that. Its fine. Go to any shop and stick with them and they wont give you any trouble.
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